I Just Don’t Have It In Me

There is another part to “I Heart Demerol” which will detail my most recent rendez-vous with my favorite pain med, but the D&C was just Monday and things are a little too emotionally raw. Never fear, though, it will be filled with wit, charm, and the ever-present post-D&C cheeseburger.

I have been laying around in bed a lot this week. I don’t even feel guilty about it. Not even a little. However, I can feel that it is starting to get old and soon laying around and wallowing in self-pity may run its course.

My follow up with my OB for my post-D&C appointment is on the 26th of June. Then we can talk about testing, genetic results, etc…. My husband thinks it is prudent to wait for any and all test results to come back before we try again, just in case there is something that we can do to avoid another miscarriage. My brain thinks that, too. My heart wants a baby NOW and emotionally I want to start trying again right away.

I plugged in the big fat old “MENSES” into my fertility software today to start my cycle over last Monday. The software doesn’t even have a little message that tells you it is sorry this is your second miscarriage in eight months. It doesn’t even know you had a miscarriage, only that you were pregnant (“Congratulations!!”) and now you have a period. They really need a “D&C” option.

We also are trying (because they will not call or e-mail me back) to get an appointment with an RE. Are you infertile if you can get pregnant but keep having miscarriages? It took us 5 months and 4 months, respectively, to get pregnant each time, which is not too awful. Our insurance will cover the RE visit, so I guess there is no harm in going for a consultation. I am not yet a “habitual aborter” (3 consecutive miscarriages) nor am I infertile, because I can get pregnant but, and here is the big, but, I still have no baby. What does that make me? Unlucky? Cursed?

Less than 5% of women have two or more consecutive miscarriages.

June 7, 2007. Miscarriage #2.

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  1. Liz replied:


    I started reading your blog. I’ve had 4 miscarriages, so I know the tough times you’re going through. I also know that weird line that you walk between infertility and miscarriage, what dr. to see, etc. If you haven’t already, see if your ob knows an RE that specializes in miscarriages. Most do, but some specialize in it more than others. Case in point, my RE’s website lists recurrent miscarriage as an issue they treat, but I’ve seen other RE’s that didn’t even mention it. So your treatment and care may be different.

    I started to get testing after my second, and more dr’s. and insurance companies are now doing this. I think they’re starting to realize that maybe you don’t want to have another miscarriage if you can help it. With me, they haven’t really found anything. But now we’re getting my husband checked out, so we’ll see.

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