My Blog Stats Are Now Triphasic

I just want to thank Aliza from Babyfruit and Artsweet for posting about my blog. My readership has grown exponentially in the past two days thanks to their promotion. I have only been blogging for a little over a week, so it is amazing to have 200+ 300+ people even look at my musings.

One of my husband’s friends is a medical librarian who also happens to publish Women’s Health News. She would like to learn more about miscarriage and infertility blogs so she can make this information available to her broad readership. Since I am new to this game and there are so many of you who have been blogging/reading much longer than I, can you tell me your favorite miscarriage/infertility blogs? I have Julie’s list from A Little Pregnant but I just want to be sure I am not overlooking anyone.

June 15, 2007. Ramblings.


  1. nycphoenix replied:

    Welcome to the blogosphere! Coming from Art-Sweet’s blog. Good posts so far. Sucks so bad about the miscarriages.

    As for other sites, whenever you have a chnace you can just peruse different blogs and their blogrolls. There are defiante repeats and many bloggers even categorize their blogroll.

    One big clearinghouse typle blog is The Town Criers. It’s linked on my page.

  2. cat replied:

    When Aliza linked to this I thought you were someone else… There used to be a blogger with this blog name… now I’m thinking perhaps I’m losing my mind? Or are we looping?

    I hate to say welcome to our tribe because it means you have been through fire but oh hell… welcome. That list of Julie’s is pretty much the best list there is and unfortunately it grows.

    May your journey be short and the end be a bright one.

    In the mean time we will be here cheering you on from the rafters.

  3. missedconceptions replied:

    You are not losing your mind. I came up with what I thought was a singularly brilliant name for a ttc/miscarriage blog and checked all the blog sites I could think of except, of course, typepad. I had already started blogging here when I discovered the other blog with this name on typepad, but the author has taken a hiatus since Nov. 2006 because she has a healthy baby, so I decided not to go through all the trouble of changing the name and starting anew.
    Pathetic, I know. In my defense, my first post was right after I found out that pregnancy #2 was non-viable, so my research was less than thorough.
    Sorry for the confusion!!

  4. cat replied:

    it is quite possible that I am also crazy… but that’s a long story.

    she did break on through to the other side the fog is clearing. perhaps the name is fortuitous then.

  5. liz replied:

    Welcome to the ‘sphere!

  6. Artblog replied:

    I’d go for Mel’s list at Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters too, really thorough and Mel is the Mama of the blogging world and keeping everyone in touch with each other.

  7. ali replied:

    I’m so sorry about the miscarriages. Truly awful.

  8. wits replied:

    Welcome to the blogosphere.

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