The Big “DUH”

This tidbit is from a newsletter published by my new, magical RE’s office.** I like how they bury the information in #5 right in the middle of the list. I think, like, maybe, that this should be first? Or at least second?

**Artsweet and Pili have gone to the same magical RE who was, uh, (how to say this delicately) less than magical for them. So, in honor of their experience, I will now refer to him by Artsweet’s name (even though I have yet to meet him), Dr. Short-but-Sweet (Dr. SBS).

When does it make sense to see a genetic counselor?
If you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, you may want to consider genetic counseling in the following situations:

1. you need information about genetic testing
2. you are female and over age 35
3. you have family members who have genetic disease, birth defects, mental retardation, learning delay, or unusual health problems
4. you have a history of fertility problems, multiple miscarriages, stillbirths or infant deaths
5. you and your partner are related
6. you have concerns about conditions more common in your ethnic group (ex: Cystic Fibrosis in Caucasians, Sickle Cell Anemia in African Americans, Tay Sachs in Jewish Americans, etc.)
7. you are considering adopting a child with a genetic condition
8. you have concerns about prenatal exposure to medications, drugs, chemicals, radiation, or infection


June 17, 2007. Little Known Facts.

One Comment

  1. Wendy replied:

    I went to that same RE (and am friends IRL w/Artsweet and Pili). We’ve been through losses only to come out the winning side with Dr. whatever you guys are calling him these days! LOL! I would be more than happy to talk with you sometime! Ask Art….I’m harmless. Really. And kind of nice. I had a very long ride…..

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