The Revenge of the Hormones

Hormones, it may be argued, are what help make us women. They regulate our menstrual cycles and, for some, they help ensure a healthy pregnancy. They can also be a bitch.

My hormone levels are out of whack. My doctor told me last time to expect this post-D&C, but I forgot how annoying it was. It is all the unpleasantness of adolescence combined with the post-partum blues. (At least with the post-partum blues you have a baby.)

I have horrible acne. Horrible. I am sitting here with a mud mask on my face, hoping this will help. I am also indulging in Dr. Hauschka products because even though they probably do not work any better than the other stuff, they are organic and smell good.

I am bloated. I am so glad we sprung for the “comfort” wedding bands, because even thought my ring is tight, it is not actually cutting off circulation. Yet.

I have bad headaches. I long for the days when I could pop some Excederin and feel better. (You should not take aspirin or ibuprofin if you have colitis.) FYI: Tylenol is a lame excuse for a pain reliever.

I have a yeast infection. Hormones do not cause yeast infections, they just make them worse. Considering that the antibiotics I took for the D&C probably started it in the first place, I still blame this on the miscarriage.

As most women know, out of whack hormones can make you moody or depressed. Having a miscarriage can also make you depressed. Whacked out hormones because of a miscarriage leave you really, really depressed and slightly crazy.

I know that hormones do not make you stare longingly at all pregnant women you see, but in my depressed/slightly crazy state, I feel like blaming the hormones. It is nicer than blaming the pregnant women, even though it is clearly their fault for being so insensitive and selfish, isn’t it?

June 22, 2007. Miscarriage #2.


  1. Artblog replied:

    Definitely better, but clearly their fault 🙂

    I get this sad but humorous post, unfortunately!

    HUGS and a X

  2. Cat replied:

    Excedrin has a brand that has no aspirin in it. It’s called Excedrin Migraine or Tension headache. It’s just Tylenol with Caffeine.

    It works more of the time that just Tylenol. Perhaps it is the caffeine punch that helps but take it from a severe migraine sufferer… anything that works… is worth a try.

    *squishy cheesy internet hugs*

  3. liz replied:

    Sending hugs and virtual dark chocolate.

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