Wait is a Four Letter Word

I am in a holding pattern: waiting, waiting, and more waiting.

I am still waiting for the embryonic karyotyping results. I went to my OB today for my post-D&C visit but she did not have the results back yet.

My husband and I gave our blood today for our karyotyping, but we will need to wait several weeks to get the results back.

Now I wait for my post-D&C period. I still had a faintly positive pregnancy test last night, so I assume I will be waiting for at least 2-3 more weeks.

Then, once my period arrives, I need to call my OB and schedule a sonohystogram to check for any uterine abnormalities. She wants to do it as soon as my period ends, so I should not have to wait more than a week to have the procedure.

Once I have my period, I then have to wait until day 22 to get the rest of my blood work done, as she needs a progesterone level. This is when they will also run the fancy “miscarriage panel.”

I have to then wait for all the test results to come back.

I am still waiting to see the RE, but I can start calling next week to see if I can get put on their “cancellation waiting list” for an earlier appointment.

Once I have the results back, I have to wait until the end of that cycle before I can start trying to get pregnant again.

Then I have to wait to ovulate.

Then I have the evilest monster of all: the two-week wait.

Then I have to get pregnant, which will probably be another few months of waiting.

The optimist in me says: “then I have to wait 9 months to meet my baby.

The pessimist in me says: “then I have to wait 6 weeks to schedule another D&C.

June 26, 2007. Waiting Around is Not For Sissies.


  1. Niobe replied:

    It sometimes does seem like life is perpetually on hold.

  2. Artblog replied:

    Hope you get the answers you’re looking for. I found knowing helped the pain a lot more. It doesn’t go away completely but it did help!


  3. Nicole replied:

    My best friend sent me a link to your blog–hoo boy, sounds like we have a lot in common. I’m 29, also an academic, also on miscarriage #2. . .also waiting for test results and the chance to try again. Started TTC July 2006, 1st pregnancy Sept 06 only lasted 5 days. Pregnant again the next month, everything seemed perfect–but no fetal heartbeat at the first ultrasound.

    I had to push my doctor for the miscarriage panel (they flatout refused to karyotype) but it turned our I was positive for the MTHFR gene–only hetero, though, so jury’s still out on whether it contributed. I’m waiting to get my homocysteine levels back and I’m actually hoping they are high, just to have a treatable answer.

    Anyway, enjoyed (so to speak) your entries, and I totally emphathize with all you’ve said.

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