NOTE: This is a post about how many pills I take a day.  If you thought anything different, well, sorry.

I have a chronic medical condition, so taking tons o’ pills is nothing new to me.  However, as I sit here and swallow my retinue of pills, I can’t help but wonder just how big a weirdo I am for taking this quantity of pills every day. 

Here is my swallowing schedule:


20mg Prozac x 2

1 Pharmanex Life-Pak Prenatal (3 pills)

Brewer’s Yeast Tablets x3

Fiber Capsules X6

B-6 Supplement (2 pills)

B-Complex (2 pills)

Acidolpholus Capsule

Omega-3 Capsules x2


Brewer’s Yeast Tablets X3

Fiber Capsules x 6


1 Pharmanex Life-Pak Prenatals (3 pills) [You take them twice a day; not a typo.] 

Brewer’s Yeast Tablets x3

Fiber Capsules x6

Pro-Biotic Power (that I have to mix in a non-carbonated liquid, but I still have to swallow it)

For a grand total of  40 pills per day.

This is my maintenance routine.  If my colitis flares, I take 20+ more pills a day.  When I am pregnant, I “just” take the pro-biotics, prenatals, prozac and the fish oil. 

Does anyone have me beat?  What do you swallow every day (non-pornographic answers only, please)? 


July 4, 2007. Ramblings.


  1. Wendy replied:

    Not by a long shot! Gillian has to take a bunch of meds for her colitis that I am assuming that you can’t take because of TTCing? I would love to talk someday about the meds you do take for your colitis if you are up to it since I would like to take a more holistic approach to Gillian’s regimin.

  2. missedconceptions replied:

    Yeah, I have cut waaaaaaaaaay back on my usual colitis meds since I started ttc. I usually take fistfulls of Colazol and Asacol, but they can interfere with how the body absorbs B vitamins (hence all the B-supplements) and that includes folic acid.

    The two best things I have found for colitis (aside from all the meds) are acupuncture and following a very strict diet specifically for IBD. We will meet, soon, and I can loan Gillian all the books.

  3. Calliope replied:

    wow. that is a lot of fiber. I do not envy you.
    I used to take a medley of ttc related herbs and whatnots, but then it just depressed me. Now I just take a woman’s multi vit. and extra folic acid.

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