Masochistic Fun

Yes, I should have better things to do than play with this thing.  Yes, someone who can not seem to stay pregnant more than 10 weeks should have more important things to worry about than baby names. In my defense, I am in the midst of a baby-name emergency.  The girl’s name that my husband and I picked out years ago has appeared on a monogrammed kid’s towel in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog.  He told me it was getting very popular but seeing it right there on a towel was just too much.  Fucking Pottery Barn.   

He now wants to name a daughter after his grandmother, which I am totally in favor of in theory, except that she had a name that only a grandmother would have.  I am not sure if it isn’t just a wee bit too old-fashioned for a little girl. 


July 7, 2007. Other Links.


  1. kona replied:

    LOL! I saw my son’s name at Pottery Barn too, monogrammed on the blankets. Too late, as we already decided to name him. Darn that Pottery Barn!Sorry they are advertising your girl name!

    Maybe you can keep the grandmother’s old fashioned name as a middle name should you have a girl? ;-)That has been done in my family with much success…

  2. DD replied:

    I can’t even look at Pottery Barn Kids anymore. You are brave.

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