The vampires took 11 vials.  5 yesterday and 6 this morning, all necessary to run the “miscarriage panel.”  This does not include the karyotyping bloodwork that my husband and I did two weeks ago.  It will take a few weeks to get all the results back.  Until then we wait.     

I saw Dr. SBS (Artsweet has nicknamed him “short-but-sweet” and he is indeed both of those things) yesterday.  He means busniess.  Once I get the okay from my Poop Doc, I will start taking Baby Aspirin.  While pregnant, I will do daily injections of Lovenox.  Now I just need to get pregant.  I am not to call anyone else when I get pregnant.  I am to call them “first thing” so they can swoop into action.  It may be all a shtick, but I really did feel like he and his office were invested in getting me pregnant and keeping me that way.  Part of their job is to be optiminstic, but he is a specialist in recurrent miscarriage, so will trust that he and his staff know what they are doing. 

I have an HSG (the “dye test”) scheduled for next Monday. 

I am going to yoga on Wednesday and getting a massage Wednesday afternoon. 

I am going to acupuncture on Friday. 

All of these things — including the acupuncture, yoga, and massage — were seen as essential components of my infertility treatment (yes, he does consider me infertile because I have been trying for over a year to get and stay pregnant).  Any doctor who recommends regular massages can’t be that bad, right?  I need to learn how to relax (you think?!?!) and help my body instead of hindering it.  Sure, okay, Dr. SBS.     

I asked about delaying conception until I lose the steriod weight; Dr. SBS didn’t want me to do this.  I can still lose the weight while trying, but should not delay because of it.  Okay, good answer.

I had a hot date with the “dildo-cam.”  Shocking news: I have a uterus and two ovaries.   

Oh, yeah, and my period started today,  5 w/1 day after my D&C. 

It is good to be onto a new cycle, but the cramps are really awful.     

Update:  Second big shocker of the day: according to my therapist I am severely depressed.  Can you believe it?  Did you just fall off your chair with suprise?  Yeah, me neither.  What did shock me, however, was when she told me that if I were not taking an antidepessant, it would probably be so severe that I would be an in-patient in a mental health facility.  I have situational depression compounded by bio-chemical depression with a hearty mix of post-partum depression just to round out the flavor, topped off with dash of anxiety.  (Ok, ok, the anxiety is really more of an appetizer, or at least a side dish.)           


July 10, 2007. Trying Again.


  1. Ms. Planner replied:

    You are SO lucky that there is a recurrent miscarriage specialist that is working with you! We are working with an RE and while they seem invested, it is not the same your clinic. I just went through all of the recurrent miscarriage tests + progesterone test (we have not yet done the DNA karotype because we are paying out-of-pocket for them). It must a great thing to feel like you have someone in the medical field on your side. I hope you get the results back quickly.

  2. missedconceptions replied:

    Ms. Planner,

    Dr. SBS is an RE who happens to specialize in recurrent miscarriage. He does all the other stuff, too, but this is a focus or area of expertise within his other field(s) of expertise.

    He did feel the karyotyping was very, very important, at least for the parents (he was less interested in the embryonic karyotyping).

    So many variables! So many vials of blood!

  3. Wendy replied:

    I think I told you that I also went to Dr. SBS also. Let’s talk sometime OK?

  4. Ashley Bass replied:

    Well, I am glad to hear your period started so you can get started back on a new cycle. A new cycle always makes me feel refreshed and rearing to go…

  5. Mary replied:

    Have you had an HSG before? I got pregnant about 6 months after mine after trying for 2 years with no success.. Hopefully it will help out?

  6. missedconceptions replied:

    Nope, I have never had an HSG before. Prior to the miscarriages, I had never had anything more exotic than my annual pelvic. Who knew all there were all these procedures I knew nothing about?

    Congrats on your long-awaited pregnancy!

  7. Megan replied:

    We (my husband and I) call the transvaginal probe “the ultrasonic dildo” (we have also decided it would be an awesome band name). I just had an HSG about a month ago and am now 14 DPO. My BBT is dropping and I am having menstrual cramps, but there is no blood yet, so I am still deluding myself, based on the promised of increased fertility post-HSG. I know you wrote this like 5 months ago, but I enjoy your blog, so I went back a few months and am catching up.

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