“Who Does Depression Hurt?”

Have you seen that ad?  I hate that ad.  People who have depression know that it sucks and we do not need some stupid ad telling us “depression hurts everywhere” and “depression hurts everyone.”  You know what depression especially hurts?  My ability to follow through on things. 

I did not go to yoga today.  Reasons: I am bleeding super heavily; I am exhausted; noon seemed really early.  Reason I Am Focusing On So As Not to Exacerbate Depression: you are not supposed to do yoga the first three days of your menstrual cycle.  See?  I am not lazy.  I am a good yogi. 

The 90-minute hot stone massage got rescheduled for this weekend (scheduling problem with massage place).   

The HSG has to be rescheduled for later next week (doctor’s office called, another sort of scheduling snaffu).

I was supposed to go to the library to research an article that is due in a week.  I didn’t go.  I am supposed to go today.  I might go.  I might not.  I really should go.  I am having a hard time caring. 

I am planning to go to a support group tonight at Dr. SBS’s office for infertility and pregnancy loss.  I am hoping for punch and cookies and a group of women who are not freaky.  If they are freaky, I will sit silently and think snarky comments.  If they aren’t, I can tell them all how depressed I am and assure them that “depression hurts everywhere,” just like the ad says.  If that is true, is it the depression giving me monster cramps because they really hurt like hell?

Update:  Nope, didn’t make it to the support group either.  Instead, hubbie and I are going to eat Middle Eastern food, go the the library, and then go watch the new Harry Potter movie.   

July 11, 2007. Miscarriage #2.


  1. akeeyu replied:

    You know what I really hate about those commercials? THE DOG. “Who does depression hurt?” And then they show the dog sitting sadly, waiting to be walked. Oh, noes! Depression means the dog’s not going to get walked! Better start taking drugs!

    Don’t get me wrong, I am the world’s most enthusiastic fan of appropriate medication for depression, but the idea that one should medicate one’s depression for the dog’s sake (or the neighbor’s sake, or whatever), is beyond stupid.

    Your evening out sounds lovely.

  2. jasmine replied:

    this is true

  3. kat replied:

    There are numerous website spouting the same thing about depression hurting everyone. You don’t see people going around saying chemotherapy hurts everyone or that any other disabling condition hurts everyone. How insensitive!

    • Bruce Humphrey replied:

      I don’t mean to sound snarky (or maybe I do), but, as the husband of a wonderful woman who battles depression, it seemed pretty damn obvious to me that the commercial was not targetting the sufferers of depression but the families and friends.

      Too many people here about someone who knows someone with depression and thinks, “Well, just leave them alone and they’ll snap out of it,” or “Well, just get them some professional help,” and they never seem to realize the remarkable impact that someone’s depression has on those around them.

      I have learned, the hard way, how many lives are affected by one person’s battle; I hope the commercials continue to bring awareness and, one day, this battle can be won.

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