Baby Aspirin is Not For Babies?

Baby aspirin, or “low-dose” aspirin as the bottle now reads, was originally given to babies and children.  It is 81mg, or less than a third of a typical 300mg dose.  People used to give their kids aspirin until 1963, when Dr. Reye and his colleagues published an article detailing the problems of aspirin use in children and teenagers with viruses. 

Dr. SBS wants me to start on baby aspirin as part of my magical anti-miscarriage regimen.    

My Poop doc said  in theory — aspirin could aggravate my colitis.  Baby aspirin is much lower than a typical dose, so it might not.  I can try it and if it does not agree with me, it will be pretty obvious.  (I will leave how it will be obvious to your imagination.) 

I have decided that the baby aspirin and the thyroid meds are going to work miracles.  Do you hear that universe?  Freakin’ miracles   



July 12, 2007. Little Known Facts.


  1. artsweet replied:

    You guys SO deserve a miracle. I’ve got my fingers crossed and so do Pepito & Pili!

    Thanks so much for the wonderful welcome home – it made our very cranky and exhausted day!

  2. niobe replied:

    Hoping right along with you.

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