“You Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like Me”

I had to call a friend and ask for a very weird favor.  What I wanted to ask: “Hey, since you have had a successful pregnancy and a gorgeous, healthy child, hows about popping one out for me?”  What I asked: “Hey, can you drive me to my HSG appointment so I can take my deliciously wonderful hydrocodone?”  She said yes, to the second one.

The HSG (where they shoot dye up your bajingo*) was originally scheduled for Monday, but they had to reschedule for Wednesday.  Not such a big deal, except that my husband will be out of town then and I can not take ibuprofen, so the only pain relief I can safely take does not mix well with driving.  Then again, Nichole Richie took hydrocodone, marijuana, and drank alcohol while driving and she is 12+ weeks pregnant now, so perhaps I should try that approach?

*The term bajingo comes from a 2002 episode of Scrubs.      

 Elliot: “Those gyno girls are putting a lot of pressure on me.  We must have looked at a hundred women’s bajingos today.  Bajingo,  bajingo,  bajingo.  I can’t even look at my own bajingo.” 

 Carla:  “Is that because it looks so much like a vagina?”


July 15, 2007. Trying Again.


  1. artsweet replied:

    Do you still need a ride? Or company afterwards? We’d be happy to have you come and lie on our couch and play with Pepito, if you’re up for it. Or just snore on the couch if you’re not.

  2. missedconceptions replied:

    Hmmmm…. smooching on an adorable baby (who, I am sure, has gotten absolutely no smooches in the past few days) or writing my article (yawn) due on Thursday.

    Can I come over Wednesday evening and play, if only for a few minutes?

    I do not need a ride, but after the test, I may need to bitch about it.

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