Alphabet Soup

For those of you that know the lingo, “ttc” means “trying to conceive.”  On miscarriage boards, you will see a lot of “ttm,” which I assume means “trying to maintain.”  Well, “maintain,” for me, doesn’t quite cut it. 

How about:

ttmittftwhted = trying to make it through the first trimester without having the embryo die

tntppwttmttjktewmnpwbjf = trying not to punch people when they tell me that they “just know” that everything with my next pregnancy will be “just fine”

ttgttpwidhwasadac = trying to get to the point where I don’t have to worry about scheduling a D&C

ttmittftwfbimu = trying to make it through the first trimester without finding blood in my underwear

ttgabtddbihf = trying to grow a baby that doesn’t die before it has fingers

ttcaetdhmewbdctcffw = trying to conceive an emrbyo that doensn’t have to be monitered every week by dildo-cam to check for fetal wasting

ttgaaeiojaes = trying to grow an actual embryo instead of just an empty sac 

tthabtwlletbtoskat = trying to have a baby that will live long enough to be that obnoxious, screaming kid at Target 


July 19, 2007. Ramblings.


  1. Ms. Planner replied:

    Am so with you on the “tntpp…” acronym.

    It is hard to be hopeful and good vibes and all while simultaneously maintaining a level of pragmatism.

  2. Kirsten replied:

    ttaswwtwamu = trying to avoid strangers who want to talk about my uterus.

    Husband and I in the parking lot at Costco this week. Me, looking pregnant (finally).

    “Is this your first one?” asks woman with four toddlers crawling all over her and her cart.

    “Uh,” I say, glancing at my husband. “Yes?”

    “Well, we were overachievers. Four kids in five years! Don’t let this happen to you! Ha, ha, ha, ha.”

    Me, quietly to husband. “Eh, that’s nothing. We did five in three years. Soooo got her beat.”

  3. Monica replied:

    lmao! My contribution is: tntstnpwsycahao= trying not to slap the next person who says you can always have another one.

  4. Niobe replied:

    I didn’t realize I could laugh and wince at the same time. Very funny, in a wrenching sort of way.

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