The Long and Winding … Cycle

My laptop was in the laptop-hospital for 3.5 weeks. Waaaaaay longer that it should have taken, yes. Supposedly I spilled something in/on my keyboard and it was causing an electrical short. The funny thing is, one would think one would remember spilling something in/on one’s own keyboard, no?

Here is how pathetic I am. What I missed most about my laptop was the fact that it is the only computer that has my Ovusoft program on it. I have more than gotten my money’s worth out of it, as I am now on cycle #16. I like it much better than Fertility Friend for charting stuff, and it helps me keep track of all the medicine I take every day. It also allows you to print out your monthly charts and take them with you to the doctor (my OB and my acupuncturist are both pro-BBT, my RE wants me to use OPKs; I am super-anal-retentive an overachiever and I do both).

I started taking my temp on day 5 of this cycle. We are not trying this cycle, but after 15 cycles, it is really nice to know where you are in your cycle on any given day and when you need to stuff your purse full of feminine sanitary products. I had to write everything down on paper (quel horreur!!) and plug it in once I got my laptop back. It was then I realized that I really should have ovulated by now. Like, more than a week ago. I am currently on cycle day 22 and there is not even the slightest suggestion of a temperature rise. I even did an OPK (ovulation predictor kit) the past two nights and nothing. My LP (luteal-phase) is always 14 days on the nose (you learn a lot when you obsess over pay attention to the minute details of your menstrual cycle), so I am looking at a cycle that is, at the very minimum, 36 days long, assuming I even ovulate.

This didn’t happen after my first miscarriage and I realized why: I started popping FertilAid as soon as the bleeding stopped after the D&C (I can even tell you exact date I tool the first pill because it is all recorded in my software). My first post-miscarriage cycle was 32 days long and my second was 28 days on the nose, with a text-book perfect ovulation on day 14. My cycles stayed nearly this pretty as long as I stayed on the FertilAid and went regularly to acupuncture. This time, even though I have been going to acupuncture once a week, my first post-D&C cycle was 36 days long and this one is only going to be longer. I do think the FertilAid is what made a huge difference. The active ingredient is Vitex (also called Chasteberry) and it is a heck of a lot cheaper just to buy Vitex and take it along with my pre-natal vitamin.

I went to what my husband and I call the “hippie-vitamin store” and bought myself some Vitex. I just popped two 400-mg (the recommended dosage per the bottle) and while I don’t have much hope for this cycle, hopefully it will kick in by next cycle. In the meanwhile, I am going to keep taking my temperature, popping my Vitex, and waiting to see if I even ovulate this cycle, right after I go stuff my purse with tampons and pads.

PLEASE NOTE: Neither Ovusoft nor FertilAid offered any form of financial support for singing the praises of their product. However, should someone representing either of those brands chose to do so, I am more than happy to consider accepting a small token of your appreciation. (Hmmmmm … whatever would I like? Hey, how about a healthy baby?!?!)


July 31, 2007. Trying Again, Waiting Around is Not For Sissies.


  1. Anne replied:

    Completely agree that Ovusoft is the best software ever. Was going to try and take FertilAid this cycle, but getting a late start – does it usually take more than one cycle to regulate everything and does the Vitex work just as well? Do you just take it until you’re sure you’ve ovulated and then quit until you’re sure you’re not pg? Good to hear that it works because I know that I’ll buy anything that *might* result in a healthy live baby. Makes me feel like a sucker. Do they make suckers to aid with conception and prevent miscarriage? I’d be all over those.

  2. missedconceptions replied:


    I took the FertilAid for 3 weeks out of the cycle, until a week past ovulation. Others have said you can take it until you get a positive pregnancy test, but I just stuck to 3 weeks. You can start it any time during your cycle, except, obviously, if you know you are pregnant.

    I don’t know if they Vitex works just as well, but it is part of FertilAid’s “secret blend” (they list what is in it but not the ratios) and I know that is one of the most active ingredients. I am more than happy to be a human guinea pig so I will let you know what it does for me.

    They do make suckers for morning sickness, but we are not quite there yet, right?


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