Stranger Than Fiction

In one of the initiation rights of blogging, here are the best search terms that people used to find my blog in July:

  • “pelvic exam” husband
  • enormous breasts
  • what is wrong with Demerol
  • little known facts about babies
  • “beating my husband”
  • bad menstrual cramps excessive poo
  • what does a 38DD look like
  • bajingo
  • target cashier
  • does pregnancy hurt the dog

I can pretty much assume that anyone who got here via these terms was gravely disappointed to find a miscarriage blog.

Update: new ones just in:

  • pesto miscarriage
  • husband can’t cum trying to conceive

August 3, 2007. Little Known Facts.


  1. Ms. Planner replied:

    I am such a blog novice. How do you search for whose searching found you?

  2. Anya replied:

    Some of those keyword searches truly worry me. Seriously, WHY are people looking up “does pregnancy hurt the dog?” What the hell are they doing to get pregnant?????

    My, my, my.. there are some weird ones out there.

    Anns xo

  3. missedconceptions replied:

    Ms. Planner,

    In WordPress, if you click on “Dashboard” and then “Blog Stats,” you can see what search terms people are using to find your blog. I assume it is very similar to Blogspot?? They are hilarious and frightening.

    Weird indeed!


  4. Ashley Bass replied:

    Hilarious! I wish I could figure this out on blogspot. Although, I doubt anyone is coming across my blog on google.

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