Because It’s No Fun To Write About Miscarriage All The Time


August 9, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Ashley Bass replied:

    WoW…awesome pic of him! I have found someone else who shares my admiration for Hugh Laurie…I am an advid Dr. House fan! I have alot of episodes DVR’ed so I can watch during the off season. I have to have my Dr. House fix here and there. Don’t even ask about my Dr. House dreams… :]

  2. Cate Malone replied:

    What a gorgeous, sexy man!!! Perfection!

  3. Gabriel replied:

    OMG!!! I’am totaly in love with Hugh Laurie. I wish I could could marry the man, Just look at him! He is so hot I truly admire him as an actor and for his work in House. Cant wait for another season.

  4. Kasia replied:

    Dear god he’s beautiful! Guess what Hugh Laurie fans, I’m a bigger fan than. you. :] My mum’s friend works on the set of House and got me on set passes to meet him! I CAN NOT WAIT. Jealous? I thought so.


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