See? Miscarriage Can Make You Crazy

“When the Duggars were married in 1984 (she was 17 and he was 19), they didn’t want children immediately, feeling they could not afford them. After four years, Michelle stopped taking birth control pills to have their first child, then went back on birth control after giving birth.

When she got pregnant anyway only to suffer a miscarriage, which they attribute to the birth control pills, the couple felt that they had taken a child’s life. They prayed for forgiveness and for as many children as God decided to give them.

Inside of a year, Michelle gave birth to the first of their two sets of twins, and she hasn’t stopped since.” For the rest of the story, click here.

(And if you are sick to death of smiling, happy Duggars, click here.)

What impresses me is that she has only had one miscarriage. If about 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, she is defying the odds with only one.




August 9, 2007. Other Links.


  1. DD replied:

    You know what I think is tragic about Mrs. Duggar (yes, I have a tiny ounce of sympathy for her)? She has no idea what it is to be an adult independant woman. Her identity once she became married has always been divided between at least two people: her & her husband; her and her pregnant belly. What will happen to her mentally when her uterus finally craps out and she is left depending on herself for an identity?

    Maybe this explains why she still maintains the same hair style from 1984, a way of retaining a tiny shred of who she was before she became “Mama Duggar”.

    And how would she know if she’s miscarried? I guarantee she’s not peeing on sticks at 12-14dpo to see if she’s pregnant.

  2. dis replied:

    “VAGINA It’s not a clown car.”
    OMG That made my day.

  3. An On E Mouse replied:

    She is defying the odds by having two sets of twins, too. Any chance there is an RE involved that we don’t know about? After all, she says she is going to have more and she is 40 (I think).

  4. BabyStep replied:

    I a still reeling, I am sorry, but how could they think of 17 names that start with J? They must be geniuses.

  5. BabyStep replied:

    Sorry for my typo, obviously it should have said, “I am still reeling…” Oh well!

  6. Rachel replied:

    BabyStep, I tend to think that by the time they added “Johannah” to “Joy-Anna,” they were running out of ideas.

  7. Katie replied:

    I think if I’d miscarried spontaneously at 9w, I would have known. With just a gestation sac, at 10w I also saw enough that I would know it wasn’t a normal period.

    I think it’s us that is having all her miscarriages. But I’d rather not have a Duggar anyway frankly.

    I’m assuming she doesn’t breastfeed, also – the average number of children per woman with self-weaning breastfeeding is about 4, I have read. So much for natural.

  8. Wendy replied:

    Actually, I read somewhere that she does breastfeed until year, which would kind of explain the spacing of the kids, although breastfeeding doesn’t make you infertile. She talks in one of the specials they had on them about how everyone has a buddy (older kids paired up with younger kids) and the baby who is still nursing is her buddy.

    That family kind of creeps me out for some reason. Another loop that I belong on has a woman who knows that family and says there is more than meets the eye. They only show all the good stuff on TV. Makes you wonder what the bad stuff is?

  9. missedconceptions replied:

    OK — now I totally want to know what the “bad stuff” is!!
    I have always suspected that they are not a WYSIWYG family, but I would love, love, love to know the dirt on them.

  10. Kelsi Halpern replied:

    The duggars are fuckin crazy.

  11. JustMe replied:

    I think the dirt on them that you do not see on TV is all his “other” wives in the background holding their welfare checks 😉

  12. Stephanie replied:

    Wow.. people here are judgmental and downright stupid. Possibly jealous that they’re infertile.

  13. avocado eggroll replied:

    Yep, we are certainly judgmental. Unabashedly judgmental, actually.

    What I think you mean is “Possibly jealous BECAUSE they’re infertile.” I doubt anyone is jealous THAT they’re infertile. As for stupid? I think the stupid ones here are the Duggars and people that leave semi-literate comments on blogs about how other people are stupid.

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