Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have Liftoff

Synthroid, or the generic version that I am taking, rocks. Seriously. As of today my TSH is 1.76 and I have now been granted “permission” to start trying again by my RE as he wanted the level below 2.

I am happy and terrified at the same time, but mostly I am exhausted. I just got back from a concert where I got to watch two nationally-known acts perform while on stage with them. It was awesome, but my normal thyroid levels and I need to go to bed. There is nothing like a rock concert to make you feel o-l-d.


August 11, 2007. Trying Again.


  1. niobe2 replied:

    Yay! And sleep well.

  2. Amy R replied:

    Awesome about the lower TSH level!

  3. Ashley Bass replied:

    YaY! I am so glad to hear your TSH level is now fixed. Good luck! :]

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