To Whom It May Concern:

… who was Googling “it is save to swallow my husband sperm?” and found this blog.

I am quite sure it is “save,” and it is even safe, but I do not recommend it if you are trying to get pregnant.

… who was searching for “peeing in maxi pads” and arrived here.

I also do not recommend peeing in maxi pads. Try a toilet instead.

… who was researching “how bad does pott hurt your baby” on the internet.

Please, please, please do not smoke “pott” or pot while pregnant. Your unborn child has enough disadvantages as it is with a parent who is clearly a moron.


August 11, 2007. Attempts at Humor.


  1. Ashley Bass replied:

    OK, not to be rude, but whoever was googling the above things mention, may need to rethink becoming a parent… Just my opinion… Esspecially the “pott” smoker…

  2. Ashley Bass replied:

    Hey, thank you for the comment regarding my TSH levels. I decided to research it and found this article that states exactly what you said. I am printing it out and going to call my OBGYN. Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention. My mother has thyroid issues, so its always a concern for me!

    Here is the link in case you or anyone else is interested.

    Thanks again for the help! :]

  3. Anns replied:

    Yes, yes, quite entertaining how people find our little blogs isn’t it. My recent top hit was “whore smoking a crack pipe”

    Why someone would google that is beyond me.
    But then again, why that lead her/him to my site is even further beyond.


  4. Rachel replied:

    My favorite so far remains “my sister in law’s vagina.” Yipes.

  5. b shaw replied:

    Hope Mr MC is doing better – Enjoying your blog – Found it under “Attempts at humor”

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