Deep (non-procreation) Thoughts:

Would the show Beauty and the Geek (geeky men and “beautiful” women) work in reverse?? Would people tune in to watch geeky women and “beautiful” men? [NOTE: I put beautiful in quotation marks because I actually find some of the women not so very attractive.]

More importantly, why am I up at 11:12PM on a Friday night playing solitaire, reading infertility/miscarriage blogs, and wondering about the plausibility of the inverse of Beauty and the Geek?


August 17, 2007. Ramblings.


  1. Amy R replied:

    You crack me up! Well I’m up on Friday night doing the same (except the solitaire part), so don’t feel bad 🙂

  2. Anns replied:

    It’s actually Sunday morning now but thought you’d feel better knowing that I spent my Friday night with a bottle of wine and my fertility blogs as well. Nothing like a good girls night in I say.

    As for Beauty and the Geek, I’d watch the inverse… but that doesn’t say much since I seem ok with watching anything on TV that doesn’t require me using my brain.

    Thanks for the nomi hun!

    Anns xo

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