My Ovaries Just Like Books

No, my ovaries did not read the latest Harry Potter nor are they up to speed on Freakonomics. They like textbooks, specifically medical textbooks that think every single woman in the world ovulates on day 14, and has a perfect 28-day cycle.

Usually, I am a late ovulator but through the wonder of acupuncture, vitex, and a new cycle pattern post-miscarriage #2, I am going to have a perfect day 14 ovulation and, because my luteal-phase is 14 days, a perfect 28-day cycle.

I got a positive OPK yesterday and my temperature was still low this morning, so I probably ovulated today — textbook perfect.

My Ovusoft thinks our timing was the “best” possible (the other options being “low” and “good”) so as soon as my temperature goes up, I will officially be in the two-week wait. As anyone who has ever lived through the dreaded two-week wait, time slows to a screeching halt. It really is a form of torture.

Things I have going for me this cycle: lower thyroid levels (better fertility); second post-HSG cycle (higher pregnancy rates up to 3 months later); confirmation that my husband has super-sperm (which we suspected but now know); weekly acupuncture treatments for the past 6 weeks for fertility.

And now we wait.


August 19, 2007. Trying Again, Waiting Around is Not For Sissies.


  1. babystep replied:

    Yes – the ducks are lining up! I would love to lurk your chart. I would also love to hear your hubbie’s super sperm stats. I enjoy torturing myself by reading about super sperm. I am a masochist that way.

  2. Julia replied:

    Yeah– the two week torture. I am almost at the end of it, and am working on talking self into not peeing on a stick earlier than reasonable. What do you think the chances of success on that one are?

  3. Ashley Bass replied:

    Ugh…the dreaded two week wait. Let’s hope you keep your sanity! I am wishing you the best outcome for this cycle!

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