And I Know From Ugly

I hate to say it, but I was right. I have a bladder infection brewing, but, thankfully, I just took my first dose of antibiotic that will hopefully take care of it. I was lucky because I didn’t have to sit through the always pleasant, “do you pee right after sex?” talk because instead he just gave me a patient-education brochure about urinary tract infections.

As was suggested, I did try to go to the drug store and buy the dip test (oh, how I love to pee in a cup and dip things into it!!!) but they did not have any. Neither did the larger drug store across town. I decided to go to urgent care instead of waiting until tomorrow.

After a long wait in a busy waiting room, I peed into a cup, told them I might be pregnant (I might be, right?), and waited. Three minutes later, the doctor came in, told me I had an infection, gave me an Rx script to fill tomorrow, and then sent the nurse in with a dose of the antibiotic to take right then.

My temperature has not gone up, so technically we should try and do the deed again tonight until I can “confirm” ovulation, but since my nether-regions feels like they are on fire (and not it a good way), it is not going to happen tonight.

The antibiotics I was trying to avoid for my sinus infection (which cleared up on its own) I now have to take for my UTI. I am only on the medicine for three days, but that is all it took last time after my first D&C. All I can do is take my probiotics in much higher doses and keep taking my brewer’s yeast and hope that it keeps things under control.

There is also a risk that the particular antibiotic I am on impacts folic-acid absorption, but I take an extra B-complex (which I will now double up on while I take the antibiotic), in addition to my prenatals, so I should have more than enough in my body to allow for a few days disruption. If I am pregnant, I will be done with the antibiotics before implantation could even occur.*

This two-week wait is off to a fantastic start.

*The urgent care, however, failed to inform me of any of this even after I told them I might be pregnant. I am not sure if it was the “might” at the beginning of the sentence or that they had a full waiting room, but I had to find all of this out on my own once I got home and did my own research.


August 20, 2007. Trying Again.


  1. My Reality replied:

    I hope the bladder infection clears up soon. They are never fun.

  2. Amy R replied:

    Ugh, I’m sorry 😦 You don’t need that! I hope you start feeling better SOON!

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