The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The good: I am pretty sure I ovulated yesterday.  My temperature hasn’t gone up yet, but it usually takes my body 48 hours to process the “Hey!  We ovulated!” message from my ovary/corpus luteum.  I will only worry if it has not gone up tomorrow.

The bad: that weird pain in my LH side is still there.  Cyst?  Probably.  Perforated bowel?  Not likely.  Am I still going to worry about something exotic?  Most definitely.

The ugly:  I think I am getting a bladder infection.  If things don’t get markedly better by tomorrow AM, I will pop over to my OBs for a non-pregnancy “pee-in-the-cup” test. I am off to drink as much water as I can possibly ingest, along with my trusted cranberry capsules, to see if I can fend this thing off.


August 20, 2007. Trying Again.


  1. DD replied:

    Did you know that your local pharmacy has more than just OPKs and HPTs? You can actually pee on something to see if you have a urinary infection! Oh the things we can do with pee!

  2. missedconceptions replied:

    “Pee, pee, the magic juice
    The more you test … the more you deduce.”

    I think I may go get that test right now.

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