Why I Kind of Really Hate Being a Girl

There once was a girl, MC, who was trying to get pregnant. So she peed on lots of sticks telling her when she was super-fertile and had lots of sex with Mr. MC.

When you are trying to get pregnant, it is sage wisdom that you lay around on your back after sex with your hips propped up. When you are prone to UTIs, you have to get up and pee “right away” (doctor’s orders). Obviously, you can’t do both, so you have to choose between procreating and fending off a potential infection. She chose to compromise and lay around for a few minutes, but then get up to pee. Now she has a UTI.

This UTI makes her bajingo & co. very uncomfortable and her lower abdomen very tender, neither of which make for great sex. She figures, however, that she has probably already ovulated and that her temperature would go up in the morning, demonstrating this fact.

Except that her temperature did not go up this morning, which is three days after she got a positive OPK pee-stick. Sage wisdom suggests that sex today would be a good idea, as there is not yet confirmation of ovulation. BUT she is on antibiotics for her UTI. Sage wisdom also suggests the following formula: sex + antibiotics = raging mother of all yeast infections.

She really does want a baby and realizes that this cycle may be out.

Is this an anovulatory cycle?

Did she ovulate a wee bit late and her temperature just has not responded yet?

Is her body just messing with her?

How many cranberry capsules can one consume without actually turning into a cranberry?

Why is the 7-day generic Monistat less expensive than the 3 or 1-day packs?

Why is there a big sticker on her antibiotics that says “DISCUSS WITH YOUR DOCTOR/PHARMACIST BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO BECOME PREGNANT” when the doctor never mentioned anything to me when she told the nurse explicitly that she was trying to get pregnant this cycle.

Why do men not have to worry about any of this?

Click here if you like to look at charts.


August 21, 2007. Trying Again.


  1. babystep replied:

    Yeah, if you can hack it, I would keep trying to stay in the game this cycle, not sure if you ovulated yet or not based upon your chart. But if it is too icky to have sex, take a break, woman! I know it is hard to take a break, but your bajingo may thank you.

  2. niobe replied:

    I blame the patriarchy. For, well, for everything really. Especially your UTI.

    No advice, but lots of sympathy.

  3. Sarah replied:


    Dilemna of all dilemnas.

    I would totally BD again tonight, based on your chart. If it isn’t painful/making things worse/you can stand it.

    I have a friend who still wonders if she missed a chance with a cycle way back when…

    Hugs either way.

  4. Ms. Planner replied:

    Either way you play it is the way it was meant to be. That sounds so existential, but don’t beat yourself up too much if you don’t want to tonight.

    I got a nasty head cold right before I ovulated and now I think I didn’t. This happened before, after a month of crazy travel where I ended up sick on the tail end of it. I just never o’ed. Bummer.

    I’m just hoping the good universe will let me (& you!) win one of these days.

  5. kona replied:

    Another chart stalker here. 😉 You know, I’ve had the fake out +OPK too, and even the EWCM that makes you think the O is on it’s way…but then nothing happens with the temps.Your chart kind of looks like that to me. So frustrating! I would try to keep up with BDing if you can, just in case. Maybe the stress of UTI is delaying O? Oh the things we women have to go through! It’s crazy. Sorry to hear about the UTI. ;-( Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Ashley Bass replied:

    I wonder if your thyroid meds are messing with your temps? I don’t know…but I would definetly continue to stick with the BDing if you think you can physically do so! Also, thanks for the chance to stalk your chart! Hopefully those antibiotics will kick in soon and get rid of some of the UTI discomforts.

  7. Anns replied:

    Hate to say it but I’d keep trying if I were you. Who knows, maybe this is just what you need to get it right! You never know… other things haven’t worked right?

    I say, shower up and make yourself feel gorgeous, and then ATTACK!

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