9 Days Until It Is Over

I hate the two-week wait. It is so unbelievably awful and makes you feel like you are slowly going crazy.

Right after ovulation, once you get the thermal shift or know that you have ovulated, there is very little temptation to test because you know that it is way to early to know anything. It is impossible for there to be any symptoms yet (for those who get early symptoms) because it is too early for anything exciting to have implanted yet.

5-9 days past ovulation an especially awful period. Implantation usually takes place between days 7 and 10, so this would not be too early for something to have implanted, but probably too early for any HCG to actually appear in your pee in any detectable levels. It is the halfway point and you feel like you are slowly going crazy. Are you feeling a pain in your left-hand side (yes, but it has been there since before I ovulated and is probably a cyst)? Are you cramping? Did you temperature take a slight dip? (Mine has not yet this cycle — believe me, I am watching for it) Is that an implantation dip? Is there even such a thing as an implantation dip? If an implantation dip happens in the forest and there is no one there to obsess about it, is it really an implantation dip?

The third phase (based on a 14-day luteal phase) is 9 to 13 days past ovulation. Now you have to answer the evil question: to test or not to test. There are two schools of thought: it is better to start POAS as soon as possible or it is better to wait and test as late as possible. The first will satiate your urge to POAS, but if you are not pregnant you will have to endure a lot of glaringly white HPTs; the second will allow you to remain hopeful for a few more days, but the drama of taking that one test can completely push you over the edge. The last phase is full of challenges: if you have a string of negative tests, you will probably be ready to accept the inevitable; if you have waited to test, the combination of raging PMS and the negative test can wreck havoc on your emotional state.

Once your temperature drops, you start spotting (if you spot) or you start your period, usually the PMS has abated but then it really sinks in: I am not pregnant. (If the PMS has not abated, this statement is probably preceded or followed by lots of swear words and/or tears).

I am 5 days past ovulation and I already feel my sanity crumbling. I have over-analyzed all of my past charts (pregnancy and non-pregnancy) to see how alike/different they are from the previous cycle. I have obsessed over the fact that it took several days for my temperature to go up and wondered if our timing, due to the UTI debacle, completely takes us out of the running. I have read all the sources I can find that talk about slow temperature rises (Fertility Friend and Peeonastick) and have learned almost nothing. I even plugged in all of my information to Fertility Friend to see if they came up with a different ovulation date to no avail (the result was inconclusive).

I hate, hate, hate, hate this: 9 days until it is over.


August 24, 2007. Trying Again.


  1. My Reality replied:

    The 2 week wait sucks!

  2. kona replied:

    (((Hugs))) I agree- I hate the 2WW too! All those damn HPTs. I tried so hard not to use them, but they are like an addiction… watching that damn dye cross over the stick. The over-analyzing of your chart- I know the drill all too well. ;-0 Fingers crossed for you!!!

  3. Katie replied:

    It does suck – I have given up on charting long ago, I don’t wake at a reliable time and the beeping of the thermometer has been termed Irritating by Mr Spouse.

    As I’ve never got a positive test until CD29 – although I think once that was 1 day before my period was due – I’ve got no incentive to test early, though that doesn’t stop me from the occasional CD27 or 28 test.

  4. Wendy replied:

    I think they should be able to come out with a test that lets you know that you are pregnant the minute you have sex. It should really be that easy. I hate the 2WW! I am, however, waiting with bated breathe to hear how it turns out. I also have heard that those cycles that are less clear and have things go wrong with them are the ones that surprise us the most!

  5. Sarah replied:


    I’m here with ya. 5 DPO too.

    And, I admit it. I’m a pee-er. I ordered 20 tests last week.


    I too, am almost driven to the edge each time. Must knit socks.


  6. Ms. Planner replied:

    OMG – too funny. We ARE living parallel lives! This sounds exactly what I used to do until I threw the thermometer across the room and decided it was time to stop with the charting.

    Yep, the 2WW does nothing but suck. I, for one, feel like my life is on hold during it. Hang in there!

  7. Julia replied:

    I try to only pee once, but I drive myself crazy deciding which day would I know for certain. Oh, well… it is not fun either way.
    Good luck with the crazy cycle.

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