Poetry (or Evidence that the 2WW Will Make You Crazy)

Pee, pee, the magic juice

The more you test, the more you deduce

The more you deduce the better you’ll feel

(Unless you are a total freak and test waaaaaay to early in your tww for there to really even be anything but, hey, you never know, right?)

So pee on sticks before your morning meal!

. . . . .

Pee, pee the magic sage

If you get the wrong answer, it might evoke rage

So pee on your sticks but please beware

Not to get pee on your underwear

. . . . .

Pee, pee the magic sauce

But it can’t predict a pregnancy loss

You may feel great when you see that line

But it won’t guarantee that things will be fine

. . . . .

Pee, pee — a magic elixir?

But we don’t know what’s wrong, so how can we fix ‘er?

Just cross your fingers and hold your breath

That this one doesn’t end in death


August 27, 2007. Attempts at Humor, Trying Again.


  1. My Reality replied:

    That is a lovely ode to pee. 🙂

  2. Caro replied:

    LOL I love it.

  3. niobe replied:

    I love it. Perhaps we should be putting together an anthology of IF poetry.

  4. babystep replied:

    Pee Pee the magical liquid
    If you get two lines, you may have a kid
    So dip your sticks at 10DPO
    Doesn’t IF really blow?

  5. Anya replied:

    Love it… poetry about pee, ONLY on infertility blogs, I swear!

  6. babystep replied:

    Pee Pee the yellow stream
    Please give me two lines, a girl can dream!
    But one line is the way it goes
    Please increase my progesterone dose!

  7. missedconceptions replied:


    I really like the last poem, but I think it should be PROZAC dose instead of progesterone, right?


  8. Calliope replied:

    heh! these poems rock.
    where is your ode to the opk??

  9. Pili replied:

    Ha! These are hilarious! And I love how it’s inspired a whole round of similar quatrains – it’s just like a medieval poetry hoe-down!

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