Celebrity Fertility Roundup

Halle Berry is 41 and 3 months pregnant.  J-Lo is rumored to also be pregnant.

Nichole Kidman had two miscarriages: one when she was 23 and another in 2001, when she was 34.

Paris Hilton“I want kids next year, so I’ve got to get my body ready.”

There are so many snarky things to say about Paris Hilton, I literally don’t know where to begin.  Perhaps after my glass(es) of wine tonight, I will write some of them down.


September 4, 2007. Celebrity Fertility Smut.


  1. babystep replied:

    Have you seen this site: http://celebritypregnancy.com/

    I heard that Dakota Fanning and Abigail Breslin are pregnant too. So are Dolly Parton and Liza Minelli.

    Just kidding.

  2. Amy R replied:

    I was so sad when I read about Nicole Kidmans issues 😦 Just goes to show that no matter how rich, beautiful etc, IF hits the most random of undeserving people.

  3. Ms. Planner replied:

    I feel sad about Nicole Kidman, too. I hope something works for her soon. I echo Amy R’s comment: the fertility game is not fair.

    So sorry about AF but YAY for Europe PAID FOR!

    Hope you are enjoying that wine.

  4. babystep replied:

    I should have acknowledged that Nicole Kidman had problems with IF. That is terrible and of course I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

  5. Rachel replied:

    Paris. Hilton. Can’t. Take. Care. of. Pets. Argh.

  6. missedconceptions replied:

    Rachel, Yes, that is certainly a HUGE issue. Also, she thinks being a parent will help her mature. I think it should be done in reverse. MC

  7. Ashley Bass replied:

    I don’t get it! Paris isn’t even dating someone. Who is suppose to knock her up anyway? Oh my gosh! I wish people would tell these girls that they are idiots amd do not need kids! Why in the world does she think she needs a kid? I am sure it is just jealousy and having to compete with Nicole Richie.

  8. Calliope replied:

    It’s enough to make you want to spit.

  9. Anns replied:

    Don’t forget Paris’s evil sidekick Nicole-Please-Feed-Me-So-I-Don’t-Starve-My-Baby-Ritchie.

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