The Next Time We Spend This Much Time in the Hospital, We Had Better Leave with a Freakin’ Baby

Mr. MC had to have surgery today to fix his lung because it continued to “leak.” The operation was a success, but his oxygen stats did not improve to the recovery room nurse’s liking, so he is being very closely monitored overnight in the recovery room (there are not extra beds in the ICU). In the morning, they will decide if he needs to go to the ICU or if he can go back to a floor room.

Sunday they will try to take the chest-tube out and X-ray the lung again to ensure that it stays inflated. Best case scenario: he comes home by late Sunday or early Monday. Then he will be at home for at least a week while everything heals and he weans off the pain medicine. He had a spontaneous pneumorthorax, which is a congenital defect.

It turns out I have a “frayed nerve” (I can’t remember the medical term right now) because two of my neck vertebrae are pressing together or I have a bone spur or something fun like that. I found this out on Thursday and Mr. MC was already in the hospital, so I was only half-listening to the diagnosis. It really hurts. I just took a left-over Tylenol with codeine from miscarriage #2 that will hopefully allow me to sleep. I am just dealing because we can only handle one medical problem at a time and it is not my turn yet.

Oh, and I am “highly fertile” right now according to my Ovusoft. I think jumping my husband in the hospital while he is doped up on morphine is in very, very poor taste.


September 15, 2007. Other Sucky Things.


  1. Artblog replied:

    How horrible for you both! I hope you recover fast poor luv! HUGS

  2. My Reality replied:

    I hope Mr. MC is better soon.

    I have the same kind of thing with my neck and I have seen a chiropractor and had lots of success.

    Sorry you are missing your fertile time.

  3. DD replied:

    I’ll certanly be hoping for the best case scenerio for you and your husband. I’m sure you’d both be more comfy at home.

  4. niobe replied:

    Poor you. And poor Mr. MC. I’m hoping he gets better and is able to go home quickly and your frayed nerve gets taken care of. [insert platitude about raining and pouring]

  5. Kath replied:

    Dear MC, that sounds truly awful and distressing. Wishing you both a speedy and complete recovery.

  6. Babystep replied:

    Yikes, it sounds like MC will be okay, but what a shocker – did you know about the congenital defect before this episode?? OMG how horribly frightening. I am sorry too about your nerve problem. I hope the two of you heal soon… try not to think about skipping this cycle, it has to be done. Focus on healing and you can start TTC again next month. xoxox B.Step

  7. Babystep replied:

    Oops, I meant MR. MC — you knew what I meant. Sorry!

  8. Wendy replied:

    Oh NO! I haven’t been reading and I should have! Do you need anything? How can I help? Can I bring you all something?

    And I think the same damn thing you do at said hospital when they play that damn lullabye. Damn them all to….well you know where.
    Wendy (Please call me)

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