I just spent $430 at the emergency vet because one of my cats was pooping blood. They did blood work, which will not come back until Tuesday, and X-rays, and they think she either has a nervous stomach or she just passed a big hairball.

I left the vet at 1:00 AM.

When I got home, I opened the door to the worst. smell. ever. My dog, probably due to anxiety, had diarrhea all over the dining room.

It is now 1:14AM and I have every candle I own and two sticks of incense burning. The front door is wide open. I can not go to bed with a house this stinky.

I now have to go give my cat her pill with a huge plunger so she doesn’t bite me, because she is really pissed.

My husband is still in the hospital.

And I have freakin’ ovulation pains so bad it hurts to stand up straight.

Update: The dog got me up every hour on the hour to go outside and poop. He had awful diarrhea all night. It finally settled down about 6AM, when he let me sleep for an hour and a half. At 7:30AM he woke me up by puking on the bed.

Second Update: Yeah, I am a little stressed out. Does my body register this? I guess not. I got the most positive OPK today that I have ever seen.

Third Update: Mr. MC still has a leak in his lung and may have sprung a new one. He is pretty miserable. He probably can’t come home until at least Thursday. Ugh.


September 17, 2007. Other Sucky Things.


  1. Ms. Planner replied:

    Oh Liz! I can’t believe you are going through all of this. So. Not. Fair.

    Hey you! Yeah you. Up there. Um, just a little favor, but could you cut my friend Liz a break. Please?

  2. DD replied:

    I thought I was having a bad day. A dog with the poops is not something anyone would want to face even on a good day with their partner on full steam.

  3. niobe replied:

    WTF is going on there? You haven’t been spending all your free time walking back and forth under ladders or smashing mirrors with baseball bats, have you? Hope this nightmare is over really, really soon.

  4. My Reality replied:

    You poor thing. You deserve a big fat break from all of the crap being thrown at you. I hope it comes soon.

  5. Rachel replied:

    What a bad day!

  6. Brain, semi-located « Artificially Sweetened replied:

    […] friend MC is right: move is a four letter word. Go give her some lurve, she has been through hell lately. I […]

  7. Homestead Mom replied:

    So sorry! That is a little much.
    We have two dogs who hunt rabbits in the yard. This means we buy Immod.ium by the 100 tablet jar. The folks at the pharmacy must think we have serious problems, but it works just fine for dog. Dosage is by weight, so our 75 lb shepherd gets 2 tablets at the first sighting, then one every episode. It saves us a LOT of cleaning up.

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