Brahms and His &%$*ing Lullaby

The hospital where my husband is an inpatient plays the opening measures of Brahm’s lullaby everytime a new baby is born. I assume this is to make people feel warm and fuzzy. If the rate of Brahm’s music is any indication, the town where I live is experiencing a population explosion.

What other people must think: “Awww… a new baby was just born” or “How sweet, another little person entered this world.”

What I hear: “Ha! Ha! Some drug addicted teen-age mother just gave birth to her third healthy child! Ha! Ha! You never got past 10 weeks! Ha! Ha! Both your embryos died in the first trimester.”

I hate Brahms.


September 17, 2007. Other Sucky Things.


  1. DD replied:

    Jitters works at a place that plays a chime with every baby. It would make me nuts and frankly I think the hospital is being insenstive to those who have faced miscarriages, and worse, imagine having just gone through a still-birth and are still in the hospital having to hear that chime for everyone but you…

    Submit a complaint. I would.

  2. My Reality replied:

    Maybe you could cut the wires to the speaker system?

  3. Caro replied:

    That is incredibly insensitive, if that had happened at either of the hospitals I miscarried at I’d definitely have complained.

  4. niobe replied:

    And what do they play for all those not-so-happy events? Chopin’s Funeral March?

  5. Mel replied:

    Oy vey. That’s all I can say about the Brahms.

    Hope your husband is better soon.

  6. Sarah replied:


    I’d hate it too.

    My third embryo just died in the first trimester. I totally get it.

    Healing vibes for your husband

  7. Ms. Planner replied:

    I would write a letter of complaint to the hospital. You are such a good writer. I am sure you help them see how painful such a thing might be for some of its patients. And it is doubtful that the new parents care that a damn lullaby is playing in honor of their delivery anyway. Hang in there. I hope your honey is recovering swiftly.

  8. Calliope replied:

    what torture!
    I would certainly complain. At least see if they could turn it off in your husband’s room. ugh!
    Hope things are going well with your husband- I still just can not imagine going through what you are.

  9. Katie replied:

    How cheesy. And insensitive. Are you sure he’s not being treated in a shopping mall? Or a French train station (they are really into jingles).

  10. Ms. Planner replied:

    Oh, and I totally stole bajingo from you. Sorry for that, but I LOVE it! You deserve all the credit.


  11. babystep replied:

    I stole bajingo from you too. 🙂 I hope that Mr. MC is released soon – today, right? I went to my consult at the IVF clinic and they had NO baby pictures anywhere. Woo Hoo! They also have a memo in the information they send out before the consult, saying that babies and children should not be brought to the clinic in order to be sensitive to the patients. They ROCK!

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