Fallout (or The Revenge of the Angry Colon)

Things are actually much better with Mr. MC and the animals, so now my colon has decided that it is really craving some attention. It is acting up; cue ulcerative colitis symptoms.

Usually after an stressful or emotional time, my gastro-intestinal system takes a week to get angry at me. The past few days I have noticed that things were, uh, not headed in a good direction (gas, bloating, etc…) but today it was undeniable that something not good is happening.

We are taking off this month anyway, so I popped my colitis medicine to see if I can get this thing under control as soon as possible. If my colitis is flaring, trying to conceive is out of the question, so here’s hoping it will calm back down in a few days. I also need to completely cut out the caffeine, both for fertility and for colon-happiness.

I also have to call my RE and see if Mr. MC’s regular use of painkillers could pose any sort of problem for next cycle. I assume everything will be okay, but I just want to hear that the RE is not concerned. Mr. MC really needs them, and if we need to wait longer, we certainly will.

I have waited over a year to get pregnant with a healthy baby — in the larger scheme of things what is a few more months?


September 23, 2007. Trying Again, Waiting Around is Not For Sissies.


  1. My Reality replied:

    I hope the colon starts behaving soon.

    My husband was taking pain killers for a while and the reproductive urologist said that they weren’t too bad for the sperm. He did say if my husband ended up needing back surgery (that is why he was taking the pain killers) we would be best to wait for a sperm cycle before cycling becuase general anasthetic is hard on the swimmers. I don’t know if this is what you want to hear or not. . .

  2. niobe replied:

    It’s kinda like always something, isn’t it? And by something, I mean something very, very bad.

  3. babystep replied:

    Remember, Mr. MC has SUPER SPERM, so maybe a couple days of painkillers won’t do much harm. 🙂 I am sorry about your colitis, hope it calms back down quickly.

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