Decadent Fantasy

I would really, really, really like an overpriced Fourbucks drink right now. Something iced, caffeinated, milky, and filled with lots and lots of sugar. It is 10PM and I still have 8 papers left to grade for tomorrow.

Iced drinks are bad for colitis.

Caffeine is bad for colitis.

Milk is bad for colitis.

Sugar is bad for my immune system, which is ultimately bad for colitis.

Instead I am having hot organic herbal ginger tea.

This is what I have been reduced to at 32 years of age: I now sit around at night, sip unsweetened herbal tea while mumbling a feigned “mmmm” with every sip, (pretend to) grade undergraduate papers, fantasize about overpriced coffee drinks from a chain coffee shop, and write on my miscarriage blog to avoid having to actually grade said papers.


October 10, 2007. Ramblings.


  1. niobe2 replied:

    This is so unfair. Not that it helps, but you have all my sympathy on this one.

  2. Rachel replied:

    Are you allowed to use artifical sweetners? I am sorry you can’t enjoy a better beverage.

  3. My Reality replied:

    I make a killer chai (decaf) tea latte and have used soy milk before. It satifies that craving. The evil coffee can replicate something like that for you (albeit not as good as mine.) 😉

  4. Ms. Planner replied:

    This time of year always makes me crave coffee. It is hard but I am backing that you are doing the right thing for your body. Still, herbal tea is no replacement for Portland’s best: Stumptown Coffee.

  5. babystep replied:

    I am so sorry MC! Have you tried hot apple cider? Sometimes when I am craving something I can’t have, I choose something totally different so it doesn’t feel like I am trying to trick myself. Not that herbal ginger tea is anything like a large gooey frappuchino, but just a thought.

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