Fertility Eve

Christmas Eve.

New Year’s Eve.

Here at my house it is Fertility Eve.

I am on CD11. Let the games begin.

I refreshed my stock of OPKs, so I have plenty o’ pee sticks for the near future. I am all stocked up on Preseed. I have been religiously taking my 7AM temperature for the past seven days, and I am actively not worrying about the fact that it looks like Zorro’s signature instead of a nice, subtle decline into the low 97.somethings.

The colitis flare is — for the moment — under control. I came off of a 6-day steroid taper Friday and so far, so good.

Perhaps the most important part of the equation is breathing on his own, out of the hospital, and back to work.


October 14, 2007. Colitis is Fun (Not), Trying Again.


  1. annsnyc replied:

    Hope the holidays are.. well… fruitful!
    Now hurry and come join me in the 2WW

  2. DD replied:

    Good to hear he’s back on his feet, which really may not be the best position…or at least not the most comfortable…oh never mind.

  3. My Reality replied:

    Have fun!

  4. Ms. Planner replied:

    Too funny! I hope your holidays are filled with many – and I mean many – blessings.

    Good luck!

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