Oui ou Non

I think I got a positive OPK (it is well established that I am awful at reading the bloody things); if it isn’t positive, it is pretty darn close. Yes, I should have other things on my mind.

Instead, I am obsessive over a handbag.


Thoughts? [I tried to post a poll, but WordPress only wants me to use their poll, which, of course, costs money.]

While you are pondering the necessity of this obvious non-necessity, Mr. MC and I will be, well, you know (cue 70s porn music).

October 15, 2007. Fashionista-itis, Trying Again.


  1. kona replied:

    Handbags and shoes are the two items I can go crazy over. I’m not so much into clothes shopping- funny thing! But what I do like about that handbag you posted is…(well pretty darn obvious here) it will go with everything!!! 🙂 Does that justify buying it? Maybe! Have fun you tonight you two (wink, wink).

  2. missedconceptions replied:

    Thanks, Kona!!

    I like shoes and hangbags because I can gain/lose weight, and they still fit!!

    I have a 20% off coupon and it if works for this, I very well might buy it.

  3. My Reality replied:


  4. DD replied:

    Try PollDaddy for polls.

    That purse definitely has a bow-chica-bow-bow vibe to it. Tres hip.

  5. babystep replied:

    I like the bag – it will go with everything! Funny – I posted a picture of my newest purchase (a coat) on my blog today!

    Good luck with the bow-chica-bow-bow action tonight!

  6. Ms. Planner replied:

    Go for it!

    Not that I am an enabler, but then you need some eff-me high heeled boots (or Frye boots) that you can tuck your jeans into to wear with the purse. Super stylie.

    Or, you can buy a CBEFM. I was ever so thankful to ditch those OPK sticks. Fuckers.

  7. Artblog replied:

    Wasn’t too sure at first but if you like it then OUI 🙂

    (that 70’s music stopped already I hear, that was quick!)

    🙂 🙂 🙂


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