This Time, For Real

Okay, today I got an unmistakably positive OPK, so yesterday was just a false-alarm of sorts.

We still did the deed, of course. This isn’t just sex; this is sex with someone who just had the entire upper-half of his right lung scraped about a month ago in a procedure known as a pleurectomy. As you can imagine, the operation and recovery were a wee bit painful. Last night he had to take some painkillers, because damn!!! if I am not just that good!!! because he was not very comfortable. Poor guy. Mr. MC is a real trooper, especially considering my demands needs wants polite requests for sex-on-demand.

I am over the purse. I like it, I really do, but after seeing one of my students carrying it today (a sure-fire way to ruin anything for a professor), I realized that it is a little to bohemian for my super-uptight anal retentive taste.

Instead, I have moved onto this necklace: necklace.jpg

October 16, 2007. Fashionista-itis, Trying Again.


  1. My Reality replied:

    Mr. MC is a trooper!

    Love the necklace.

  2. artsweet replied:

    Really, I think this may be more information than I need 😉

    Although how many women can say that their husband had to take a painkiller to have sex with them? Makes you sound like a serious dominatrix!

  3. babystep replied:

    Ha, Ha! That reminded me of painful ovulation sex…I know you know what I am talking about. Ow! Ow! Oh – I am just screaming because you are SO BIG! LOL.

    I love the necklace too, and sorry about the bag, but I completely understand.

  4. Ms. Planner replied:

    da-ang! painkillers for ovulation sex? that is serious committment. way to go mr. mc!

  5. Rachel replied:

    You know, one day I’m going to meet Mr. MC in person, and am going to have a hard time not ribbing him about this stuff. 🙂 But boy, painkillers for gettin’ it on – that’s commitment.

  6. kona replied:

    You are freaking hilarious! I love the editing marks. 😉 I was going to ask if you got the purse- but I can see why you no longer want it. (It was cute,though). Now, that necklace…is stunning! It would look great for the holidays.Good luck for this cycle.

  7. Mr. MC replied:

    Just last night I said to MC:

    “Ummmm…you know that Rachel reads your blog and knows who we are, right?”

    Then I thought: Is it a problem if a professional colleague from out-of-state knows we had sex last night in an attempt to conceive?

    After thinking about this for a few seconds, I decided it didn’t. There are millions of poor souls in the world who aren’t gettin’ any, so Rachel can rib me if she wants for having conception-nookie with my wife. That’s a little like giving a buddy hell for winning the lottery, isn’t it? 🙂

    For the record, MC doesn’t make it clear that:

    1. She didn’t have to talk me into it- I was game to try and thought I was healed enough. It would have disappointed both of of to have missed two months of trying in a row (I was in the hospital at this time a month ago).

    2. I took a painkiller (ONE lortab- the only one I’d had in days!) only AFTER, not preventatively. My fault for overestimating my recovery, not MC’s.

    Also, it needs to be repeated that my wife is freakin’ hilarious.

    Now: Can someone please come up with a pseudonym for me that is better than “Mr. MC”?

  8. missedconceptions replied:


    Mr. MC and I did not have sex last night. In fact, we never ever have sex. “The Deed” meant doing, er, laundry. Babies are delivered by storks; I can’t believe you didn’t know that. Our stork, apparently, just hates us.


  9. Rachel replied:

    Heh, Mr MC, I would only rib you about it because I have a 12-year-old boy’s sense of humor, not because there’s anything wrong with y’all doing your thing. Aside from which, if I ever brought it up in a professional situation (which I wouldn’t), you could bring up my blogging of my annual exams and compulsive vagina talk. So it all comes out in the wash, I think. 🙂

  10. Rachel replied:

    MC, I don’t know about storks, but I’m quite sure that I was found by my parents in a cabbage patch. 😉

  11. missedconceptions replied:

    Rachel, darling, on my blog we use the term “bajingo,” not vagina.

  12. Mr. MC replied:

    so…”compulsive BAJINGO talk.”

    Making notes for future, wholly unprofessional ribbing…

  13. Rachel replied:

    MC, is there a way to get 5 in a row and win at bajingo? 🙂

  14. Nobody replied:

    I can totally picture MC standing up with a card and yelling: “Bijingo! I have Bajingo!”

    Or does that just sound more like a sales pitch from a transgendered/hermaphrodite prostitute?

  15. artsweet replied:

    Okay, when the stork finally does, um, land in your yard, I am definitely sending you a card referencing your winning streak at bajingo.

    Pili suggests “Mr. LSM (Library Stud Muffin)” or Mr. Bojingo (sung to the tune of Mr. Bojangles, of course) as pseudonyms for the artist formerly known as Mr. MC. Which makes me think… how ’bout “Mr. Hammer Time!” (complete with those sexy parachute pants, of course…)

  16. artsweet replied:

    No, now I’ve got it.

    “The Baby Dancer” (TBD)

    Far too many of my brain cells have been dedicated to coming up with a good pseudonym for your sweetie.

  17. Mr. MC replied:

    But…TBD also stands for “To Be Determined.”

    I like Mr. BeauJingo.


  18. Rachel replied:

    artsweet’s comment made me think of this: The Egg Whisperer.

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