Joyeux anniversaire à moi

I am 6dpo into the 2ww.   Why, it is just freakin’ wonderful, thank you for asking.

Guess what is due on November 1st?  Uh, huh.

Guess what November 1st is? (hint: look at the title of the post)  Yup.  I’m turning 33.

Happy birthday to meeeeeeeee

I’m soon thirty-threeeeeeeee

I’ve been pregnant twiiiiiiiiice

And still no babyyyyyyyyy

October 23, 2007. Trying Again.


  1. DD replied:

    No pressure, right?

    If wishes came true…and all that stuff, you know I’d wish this for your birthday.

  2. niobe replied:

    Well, it could be good news, couldn’t it? I mean, just possibly.

  3. babystep replied:

    I can think of a GREAT surprise for your 33rd b-day. All appendages crossed for you!

  4. Artblog replied:

    Happy belated birthday kisses from Paris XXX

  5. Wendy replied:

    Hey, I forgot we had birthday’s in the same month! Happy Birthday to you….and a Happy Birthday to your child in oh say, about 8 months!

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