Pay It Forward

I was a winner of Niobe’s give-away so it is now my turn to pay it forward.


The only rule is that if you “win” you need to make the same offer available on your own blog.  (Oh, and if you win, you also need to give me your snail-mail address.  I will e-mail you for it if you are a winner.)  (Wait, YOU ARE ALL WINNERS.  What I meant was if you are a winner of this particular contest.)  

The first five people who self-nominate themselves in the comments section win!

Here is what I will not mail you:

1) The negative pregnancy test I impulsively took today at 7dpo.

2) Any negative pregnancy tests for that matter.

3) Anything that you pee on.

4) Anything that will remind you of miscarriage, dead babies, or other sad things.

5) Dental floss.


October 24, 2007. Meme-y Goodness.


  1. DD replied:

    Is this a trick? You’re not going to send a snail, are you? I’m game, as long as there’s no deadline.

  2. missedconceptions replied:

    No, this is not a trick. I promise I will send something good (and not a snail — eww!!)

    I think a good deadline is before 31 December. Is that okay?

  3. babystep replied:

    Me want! Please don’t send me any 1/2 inch needles, I have plenty of those. And alcohol swabs too.

  4. Sunny replied:

    You are so silly! I would love cool stuff from you. I don’t think you know me from Adam. I am a clicker for Stirrup Queen. 🙂 I keep tabs on your blog. 🙂

  5. missedconceptions replied:


    I am counting you in!!!


  6. Mary replied:

    I will do the free stuff…. But I guess I’m a bit confused… I have to offer 5 people free stuff too? What kind of free stuff? Can I send them cookies? What about chocolate? I have lots of spare chocolate. Does that count?

  7. Wendy replied:

    Free Stuff? How do I play?

  8. missedconceptions replied:

    Mary, I do indeed think that chocolate counts.
    However, how do you have “spare” chocolate? Any chocolate in my house barely has time to sit in storage, let alone become “spare.” I am in awe of your self-control.

    Yes, the only rule is that you then need to make “free things” available for 5 people on your own blog.


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