Dr. Short-but-Sweet does not mess around. He means bizznazz.

I showed up at 9:01 today (they are open at 7AM for procedures but do not answer the phones until 9:00) and told them that while I was aware that I was supposed to call in advance for an appointment, it wasn’t going to happen this morning. I am here. You will see me. Okay? They were okay.

I knew about the baby aspirin, progesterone, prenatal vitamins (duh!? when trying to get pregnant? really?), and the Lovenox ($125 a month WITH my insurance) but I didn’t know they would also put me on HCG injections ($90 a month WITH my insurance) for the first ten weeks. My poor stomach almost retched just looking at the box of injections, because HCG and my stomach are sworn enemies.

They also drew the blood for the beta. The nurse told me to call back at 11:00 for the results. I patiently waited until 11:03 (because I was stuck in two different pharmacies trying to get the medications, not because I am patient) and then she told me that the lab had not “run” my blood yet so I should call back at 11:30. I have 13 minutes to kill.

In the meanwhile, I am going to shove another progesterone suppository up my bajingo and then read through my “RECURRENT PREGNANCY LOSS MEDICATION PROTOCOL” one more time.


I patiently waited until 11:37 and then called back. Still no results yet. Apparently the lab technician this morning is “a little slow.” What I said: “When can I call back, then?” What I thought: “FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY AND RIGHT IN THIS WORLD PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE HIRE A FUCKING EFFICIENT LAB TECH.” I can call back at 12:30PM.


HCG = 15.5 (11 or 12dpo)

Progesterone = 22

TSH = 2.58

HCG sounds low to me; last pregnancy I was 35 at 11dpo. Dr. Google says anything above 100 on 14dpo is good. FUCK. Mine does not sound so promising. Please, please, please let it shoot through the roof in the next two days.

I am not going to freak out. Instead, I am going to give myself what I hope will be the first of many Lovenox injections. Repeat beta on Wednesday.


DAMN that hurt!!! I did it all by myself. It only bled a little, but it still smarts. DAMN!!


October 29, 2007. Pregnancy #3.


  1. leanne replied:

    Delurking to say that I’m hoping for good news!

  2. babystep replied:

    Go to Fourbucks and bring the lab-tech a cup of triple shot espresso! Maybe that will kick him/her into high gear.

    I will be curious to hear more about the protocol, hadn’t heard about HCG injections during pregnancy before (and I thought I had heard everything!)

  3. DD replied:

    Dr. Google needs a bitch slapping. While 100 is good, 50 is not bad, either. My friend, who did donor egg, didn’t even get a positive at 12dpo and by her scheduled beta it was 33 or 35 (can’t remember). She’s got herself a sweet little girl now. Screw the levels. Watch the doubling.

  4. kona replied:

    There’s whole thread at Ovusoft on pregnancies that started with low betas and ended in healthy babies.
    Buena suerte MC!!!!!!!

  5. jan replied:

    Hey, I just found your site today, congrats on your pregnancy and I hope all is well. I just lost a baby and am struggling with depression and hormone swings and reading your blog really helped me today. Thanks!

  6. niobe replied:

    It’s awful to always have to be waiting. At least I hope your next beta is early on Wednesday.

  7. Ms. Planner replied:

    Oh the waiting is the worst! Thinking of you and sending thoughts of strength and comfort your way during this first week.

  8. My Reality replied:

    Wishing you great doubling times.

  9. Nattie replied:

    Can I ask why they are giving you HCG shot once you’re pregnant? I have gone thru 3 miscarraiges, have mfthr mutation, and have done injectables along with IUI. We just did IUI and we’re waiting until 12/30 to see what the outcome will be. If it ends up that I am pregnant then I will do lovenox, but my RE is against it saying that it really doesn’t help. I am now wondering if I should do this as well…that’s if I end up pregnant.

    Any suggestion would totally ease my mind or I can use it for future knowledge.

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