Shooting Up

I am very pasty deathly sickly-anemic white fair complected. I also bruise very easily. I have been taking baby aspirin since the last miscarriage and even this makes me bruise severely from acupuncture needles. Pathetic, I know.

The Lovenox shots are an even more powerful blood thinner, and you stab gently administer the pre-filled syringe into your abdomen. The main short-term side effect is bruising at the stab injection point. You can imagine how I might look after a few weeks of this; it is pretty ugly even after one day.

Hope is here and it comes in the form of a cheap blue icepack. Per my nurse’s recommendation, I iced the injection site this morning, then injected myself (without pinching the skin this time) and then immediately put the ice pack back on it. Et voila! No hideous bruise! Less pain! No residual stinging!

I was up until 3AM grading papers (it took me a long time because, uh, it was really hard to concentrate on poorly written undergraduate papers when you, uh, have something else on your mind) and then I feel into a deep sleep almost instantly. I woke up feeling … emotionally good. I even reminded myself that my first beta was kind of sucky, but I still felt good (a few recitations of the mantra helped, too).

I tempted fate and POAS. The line is darker than yesterday. Not a huge difference, but definitely darker. My levels, therefore, are at least not going down. This afternoon I peed on an OPK and the second line is now very dark (almost positive) and is considerably darker than yesterday. This all means a whole lot of nothing, but it isn’t bad news.

I have not freaked out. I have not fallen apart. I have not crumpled from the stress.

I am now, however, going to take a nap.

And my boobs are KILLING me.


October 30, 2007. Pregnancy #3.


  1. babystep replied:

    Things are looking up! I am SO hopeful for you. Welcome to the world of shooting up.

  2. Aurelia replied:

    I started out low with Mac, very low at 9dpo, and went much much higher in record time. I’m crossing my fingers for you.

    Oh, and the hcg can be administered anywhere in the body, and with a very very tiny needle. Mine never hurt, not like heparin anyway, which I find stings sometimes.

  3. Ms. Planner replied:

    Keep POAS if you need reassurance pre-and post betas. I have a collection of 7 in my desk drawer, labeled by dpo. I would have had more but got spooked by the same check out girl at T*rget, who raised her eyebrow in suspicion when we encountered each other again on 16 dpo. I only bought 2 tests per trip so that I wouldn’t pee on them all in one day and always, always the same brand. I like consistency. Glad you got some sleep and are feeling good. Thinking of you tomorrow.

  4. niobe replied:

    It all sounds very encouraging. Waiting and hoping right along with you.

  5. Calliope replied:

    can you at least blast some Iggy Pop or something? You know, to make the shooting up ordeal more badass?
    In a holding my breath hopeful state for you right now.

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