Counter-Intuitive (Updated)

I gave myself 2,500 IU of HCG on Wednesday at about 10AM. I went in for my repeat beta today and asked the nurse who drew my blood how exactly they “recalibrate” the test results to account for the shot. She said that after two days, it doesn’t really impact HCG blood levels that much. She said that it is counter-intuitive that you could shoot yourself up with something and that it would not skew quantitative levels drawn only two days later, but that is indeed the case.


Dr. Google has said that if you get an HCG shot, you should not take a pregnancy test for several days as the HCG stays in your system. I think the dosage is higher for trigger shots, but this makes no sense, unless HCG has a very short half-life.

My HCG level was 60 on Wednesday so to at least double, it should be about 120ish today. How can injecting 2500IU of HCG not impact such a small number?

This is making my head ache.

The same nurse told me with a big smile to call back at 11AM for the results. Yeah, because calling promptly at 11AM has gone so fan-fucking-tastic the last two times. I will dutifully call back, however, in the off-chance they have it run this time. They are also running my TSH levels (thyroid-stimulating-hormone) levels to see if the bone-crushing fatigue is a pregnancy thing or a thyroid thing.

I peed on the last two sticks I had, an HPT and an OPK. Both were dark, dark positive. I still think it is the HCG shot, but I am going to trust Dr. SBS’s office on this.

Tonight I am going to eat delicious French food with out bestest friends here and then on Sunday I am going to the 1st annual Pepito-birthday celebration. Pepito and I, as luck would have it, share the same birthday, making us both passionate and stubborn Scorpios.


I called at 11:07, and although I was on hold for several (well, 9) minutes, they did actually have my results back.

HCG: 191 (“more than doubled” from 60 on Wednesday, even allowing for some residual HCG from the shot on that same day)

Progesterone: 27

TSH: 1.42

I scheduled my 6-week ultrasound on 19 November. Until then, I am to do follow the RPL protocols and stop peeing on sticks (not really — I am going to the Dollar Tree later this afternoon!).


The fatigue is all pregnancy, so I am off to take another nap with my dog, who is even more adorable when he is not puking.

November 2, 2007. Pregnancy #3.


  1. leanne replied:

    Wonderful news! So glad they didn’t keep you waiting on the results too (terribly) long this time (hell, the suspense was practically killing me before — not sure how you managed). And a happy belated birthday!

  2. K @ ourboxofrain replied:

    Yay! What fantastic news!

  3. niobe2 replied:

    What an excellent number.

  4. Calliope replied:

    great numbers! Clearly the force is strong with you & Pepito.

  5. Ms. Planner replied:

    Yeeee! Those must have been an excrutiatingly long 9 minutes to be on hold. Every time I get call from my RE, I feel like my heart is going to jump out of my chest.

  6. babystep replied:


    What is wrong with your poor puppy??

  7. Aurelia replied:

    The shot definitely would’ve affected your numbers, but the previously doubling numbers are more important. You are definitely pregnant, anyway!

    The TSH though is another story, because hcg shots always affect your thyroid measurements, whether it’s the trigger at 10,000 iu, or the smaller ones at 2500 iu. The key is—they don’t affect your thyroid itself. I’m sure it’s fine and the tiredness is from the pregnancy, but ask about getting a free T3, and a free T4 later on in this pregnancy as well, just in case it’s an issue.

  8. Rachel replied:

    Sounds good so far! And “urg” to thyroid tests – I am under strict orders to get mine rechecked before attempting any baby-making activities. They’ve finally switched me to every two years on the neck ultrasound, though, instead of every single year.

  9. Rachel replied:

    Oh, and happy birthday!

  10. toni replied:

    When are you out of the woods? Do you have to be careful the whole nine months? Happy Birthday.

  11. My Reality replied:

    Congrats on the more than doubling! I hope you had a great birthday!

  12. Wendy replied:

    First off, Happy Birthday! Secondly, CONGRATS! I am so very happy for you! I do know that Dr. SBS is wonderful and I am so very happy at your levels! I am sure he is too! Please keep us updated! I will be here everyday to read what is happening!
    Wendy (who has a huge smile on her face)

  13. annsnyc replied:

    I’m so happy to hear that things are coming along this well… keep up the good baby making!

  14. Ashley Bass replied:

    I hope your weekend went well! Glad you liked the beta site! It is a great place to go to obsess! :]

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