Holy Crap — On Network TV?!?

Does anyone watch Brothers & Sisters? The show is usually okay, and is at least a pleasant way to pass time on a Sunday night. So far, and the show is only in its second season, they have dealt with infant loss, postpartum depression and, this past week (4 November episode), first-trimester miscarriage.

Someone got a positive pregnancy test on TV and then had a miscarriage?!? They even did a scene where “Kitty Walker” (Calista Flockhardt) goes in to get her first ultrasound and they see the sac, but not heartbeat — they even use the term “missed miscarriage” ON NETWORK TV. Then her charatcer has to have a D&C and lays in her bed afterwards feeling “crampy.” I am very impressed with the writers. Appalled that I had to be reminded of ultra-sounds with bad outcomes tonight when I watched the TVoed episode, but impressed that they decided to tackle such an uncomfortable subject.

Episode Guide


November 12, 2007. Miscarriage Links.


  1. babystep replied:

    That IS surprising and admirable that they took on such a sensitive subject! I watched the pilot episode, but haven’t watched it since.

    I nominated you for a new award! Come take a peek.

  2. aspiring baker replied:

    I saw that too! I was impressed, actually. Usually miscarriage is this plot device for writers to introduce a problem and then magically solve it without a politically incorrect abortion (see: Party of Five, maybe 90210). But I thought Brothers and Sisters handled it pretty accurately — it was nearly EXACTLY what happened to me, both times I miscarried.

    Was also impressed recently when I watched an older Grey’s Anatomy episode, and a character was told she had high FSH and a low antral follicle count, and that her chances of getting pregnant were very, very low. Hooray for accuracy!

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