My colitis is flaring. For real. I just took my Prednisone and I am not happy. Prednisone is actually recommended for some cases of recurrent miscarriage and is not really an issue in the first trimester (use in the third trimester can result in the birth of a Baby Huey), so there is no risk to the pregnancy. Still, I hate the stuff. It gives me insomnia, makes me puff up like Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (without, unfortunately, her lovely shade of blue), completely destroys my metabolism, and then makes me constantly hungry, especially for eggs. It has saved my life many times over, however, so I really should stop complaining. I will, I promise, just as soon as I finish this two-week taper of the blessed stuff.

If you have colitis, you get these fantastic odds regarding pregnancy: 1/3 women will go into remission, 1/3 women will have a flare, and 1/3 of women will remain unchanged. The statistics do not help much, do they? In fact, why not just say “We have no clue what will happen?” That would be more satisfying for me, at least.

Both of my previous pregnancies threw me right into a state of complete remission. It was awesome, right up until the miscarriage/hemorrhage/complete emotional meltdown part. I arrogantly thought that this pregnancy would do the same thing for my colitis. It has not. Perhaps this is a good thing as I am all in favor of everything with this pregnancy being radically different from the last two.

The Plan is working quite well. The little sticks are getting darker every day, and now the test line is even darker than the control line. I only have two tests left and one week until my ultrasound, so it is back to the Dollar Tree I go. (I tried to go to a different store but the ghetto Dollar Store ran out of pregnancy tests —!?!?) For the sake of not introducing another variable into my experiment, I feel obliged to stick to the same brand.

November 12, 2007. Colitis is Fun (Not), Pregnancy #3.


  1. Mr. BeauJingo replied:

    I apologize for previously referring to The Plan as crude and analog. Whatever makes you feel reassured is a Good Thing.

    -Mr. MC

  2. Rachel replied:

    I say stick to the plan, it’s comforting.

    My OB said prednisone was fine and it helps with lung development. I ended up being on it 2 months, much longer than I had hoped. Now we are planning on setting a world record for the biggest baby.

    Hang in there, only a week to go.

  3. niobe replied:

    Do you think THE PLAN is a contributory factor to the otherwise-mysterious lack of tests at the Dollar Store?

  4. babystep replied:

    I like the plan. I am sorry about the flair-up though. Hang in there during your one week wait!

  5. Wendy replied:

    I am thinking that this flare up is a good thing in the baby making department. I mean, no flare up’s the other 2 times and a flare up this time. Maybe, just maybe? I am so hoping for you. I am sorry about the flare though. That does stink. (HAHAHA – sorry, I am immature, I know)

  6. Denise replied:

    Oy. I can relate to the evil prednisone, too. I have a rare autoimmune disease, so I’ve been there, taken that — just not during pregnancy. You probably already know this, but be sure to take it first thing in the morning so it’s out of the ‘ol system (as much as possible) before you head to bed — and try to get as much calcium as you can.

  7. missingone replied:

    Sorry about the flare up. My friend’s colitis went into remission when she was pregnant.

    I have heard that Omega 3 tablets of fish oil are good for flare ups…have you tried?
    They are also great for neural development of the baby.

    I take the Trader Darwin brand ones. they also do wonders for skin and hair.

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