Be careful what you wish for.

I felt my lack of symptoms with this pregnancy, especially nausea, might be ominous foreboading.

Yesterday, it kicked in. It is not fun.

Is pregnancy nausea the only time where you are simultaneously retching and starving?


November 21, 2007. Pregnancy #3.


  1. niobe replied:

    You scared me with that title. Now I’m smiling because you’re all pukey.

  2. Jen replied:

    I believe you can also be wildly drunk, puking and thinking about how good a White Castle burger would taste.

  3. Artblog replied:

    Yup, even in my seldom drunken stupors both retching and starving I have found are strictly reserved to the pregnancy kind of hangover! Hoping you get it enough to mean something but don’t suffer too much, I’m still mentally getting over my bout!


  4. Farah replied:

    Oh .. yeah when else is retching … appetizing ya know ..THat feeling is all funky and just plain bizarre

  5. Ms. Planner replied:

    Oh no! Chuckle. I did the same thing. I literally prayed to God that I would get some sign, some nausea, anything to *prove* I was pregnant and the fun hasn’t stopped since. Ugh. I know I shouldn’t laugh at your expense because the feeling does suck. Along with feeling starving and nothing, absolutely nothing sounds appealing to eat.

  6. Liz replied:

    Oh, poor sweetie!!!

    Candied ginger does occasionally work for the wooglies.

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