To Sleep … Perchance to Stave Off the Nausea

I had most of last week off of school. I had planned to get so much done, and instead all I did was sleep. I am going to get another thyroid level tomorrow, because this level of fatigue is scary. The upside is that when I lay perfectly still in bed, the nausea is under control. It is when I do something stupid, like get up and attempt to be productive, that it really hits.

I have ultrasound #2 tomorrow. I am scared, of course, but not terrified. Then I get terrified that I am not terrified, but I think it is mostly because I am just so darn tired and nauseous. Please, please, please still be alive and healthy. Pretty please?

I have Zofran (a “safe” antiemetic) left over from last pregnancy and I have decided to use it up. I still feel guilty for taking medicine while pregnant (on top of everything else I am taking as part of the “recurrent pregnancy loss protocol”) but this is really a quality of life thing. I am not actually vomiting: I walk around in that awful dry-heaving, hyper-salivating state most of the time. I am already at high risk for dehydration and under-nourishment with the colitis, so perhaps I should think of it as self-preservation instead of self-indulgence.


November 26, 2007. Pregnancy #3.


  1. Artblog replied:

    I agree. Hope it works for you!


  2. Meg replied:

    Post as soon as you can about the ultrasound!Afterwards, go buy some nice comfy sheets, especially if you are spending most of your time in bed 😉

    I will be thinking of you today.

  3. babystep replied:

    I am thinking of you! Didn’t you say that the sour cherry slushee at Burger King (or something like that) is an anti-mimetic? I don’t know how cold it is where you are, but that sounds good to me!

  4. kona replied:

    Lots of folks at the hospital find amazing relief from nausea with zofran unlike any other anti-emetic. (Some other anti-emetics cause side effects like sedation…which you certainly don’t need with your profound fatigue). It’s my favorite anti-emetic to give patients, because it works so well! Hope you feel better soon! The 1st tri can be rough with the morning sickness. I didn’t have it too bad, but I remember feeling seasick for several hours each day…enough to carry a little “sick sack” with me in case of emergency when running errands, etc.I thought it made a funny parallel with UC- you know how with active UC you scan to find the closest restroom wherever you go? Well with the 1st tri in pregnancy, I would scan for the most convenient and least public place to get sick (“just in case”). LOL! All this 1st tri unpleasantness you are experiencing will hopefully make for great stories and laughs later on… 😉

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