I Humbly Thank Thee

To whomever at the Ferrara Pan Candy Company in Chicago, Illinois, invented the LemonHead Candy:

I, and the 27 students who attended my class today, thank you for creating your tart, suck-your-cheeks-together-in-sour-agony candy. It tastes good, yes, but more importantly, it can instantly quell the urge to vomit. As a women who hates to vomit, especially in front of a live audience, your candy is a lifesaver (metaphorically speaking, of course — your candy is MUCH better than a piece of crappy Lifesaver candy). The 1 cm size is a little large and can make lecturing difficult, but than again so can puking in the trash can at the front of the auditorium. Also, my wee-beastie — the cause of all this gagging and retching — is a little over 1 cm so it is, at least this week, a humorous parallel.

Your candy is awesome. You are awesome for inventing this magical antiemetic. How did women survive pregnancy before 1962? I humbly thank thee.

Most respectfully,


November 27, 2007. Pregnancy #3.


  1. Ms. Planner replied:

    The Ferrara Pan Co., also makes Red Hots, which are my tried and true candy-to-prevent-puking choice. Ferrara Pan Company – you rock!

  2. leanne replied:

    Awesome! Great tip, too 🙂

  3. Farah replied:

    OH i may have to run out and buy me some of those non-wanting to vomit lil pieces of heaven if they work..i may bow to them

  4. DD replied:

    I will let you know if they work universally.

    That is of course if I get the urge to hork up anything.

  5. niobe replied:

    mmmmm.. lemonhead candy.

  6. babystep replied:

    I don’t think I have ever tried a lemonhead!!!

  7. Anns replied:

    Hi there :

    Saw your comments and think I might have cleared the confusion up a little bit now. Trust me, I’ve been confused myself…


  8. Meg replied:

    Coming to Term was a fantastic book, thanks for recommending it. Now onto Avoiding Miscarriage…..

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