Powers of Deductive Reasoning

My “morning” sickness is much, much worse in the evening.  MUCH worse.

I take my thyroid medicine in the morning and I have to wait 4-6 hours to take my prenatal vitamin because the iron can impact how the thyroid medicine is metabolized.

I did not take my prenatal at the usual time last night and felt, relatively speaking, of course, okay.  Still gaggy but not actively dry heaving.

Then it dawned on me: I think my prenatal vitamin is exacerbating my nausea?

So, I did a fancy experiment.  I took half my vitamin last night and waited.  Behold, an hour later I was back in bed, dry heaving and curled up moaning in the fetal position.

I take supplemental folic acid every morning, so I am thinking that perhaps I should switch to children’s chewable vitamins?

Has anyone else experiences this?  What did you do?

December 7, 2007. Pregnancy #3.


  1. Ashley Bass replied:

    My prenatal vitamins have not been THAT bad for me, BUT my doc said if I have any problems whatsoever, queasiness, constipations, etc…then just take a flinstone! She said it is fine. I almost did switch just because I love the way they taste. :] I think if it will help you feel better, why not? You have to be able to function.

  2. Meg replied:

    The mother of the twins I watch had the same thing happen. She was SO sick with them early on that she was unable to keep her pre-natal down. Her doc reassured her that as long as she could stomach the folic acid pill, she could really make up elsewhere (kid multi, smart water, added veggies, etc). He also said that the first 48 days were crucial to keep taking something….

    I would go find the yummiest, god awful florescent colored multi (in the the shape of a hippo of course) at the drugstore!

  3. Mary replied:

    I had the same problem when I was pregnant with my little boy. If I took my prenatal early in the day I could give up doing anything. I started taking it at night right before I went to sleep. I kept water on my nightstand anyway. It helped, I was able to sleep through the nausea. If that doesn’t help though, the kids vitamins are great. They even have them in gummies now!

  4. whishingbee replied:

    Do you take your vitamins after you eat? I have this kind of reaction to my vitamins if I take it on an empty stomach, or even after a light breakfast! I switched to taking them after dinner, and feel fine (of course, I’m not pregnant, so feel free to disregard this comment… lol).

  5. Farah replied:

    i had to start taking mine at night right before bed ..then i sleep it off .. but i have heard good things about the flinestone vitamins.. UGH i am so sorry that you are still sick

  6. ali replied:

    Same thing – I switched to taking it at night prior to going to bed. It worked. Sorry you are still so sick! Good luck!

  7. sharah replied:

    Just remember to take two kiddie vitamins, not one. My RE said that was fine for me.

  8. Mr. BeauJingo (Mr. MC) replied:

    I called Dr. ShortButSweet’s office (MC’s reproductive endocrinologist) and asked one of their nurses. She said (with confidence) that as long as MC is taking the folic acid acid every day, she can switch to Flintstones or something else that won’t contribute to the queasy. She also said that different brands of prenatals are more easily tolerated by different individuals.

    Have I mentioned how much I like Dr. SBS and his staff? They’re all just really nice and really helpful. Makes a world of difference.

    -Mr. MC

  9. Aurelia replied:

    Take extra folic acid, and B6. B6 is clinically proven to get rid of nausea and vomiting. I wish I could get you some diclectin, but it isn’t sold in the US. You can use B6 and unisom, which are the exact same chemically but just aren’t time release.

    http://www.Motherisk.org has a bunch of information about NVP and might be able to help.

    As for the children’s vitamin’s? Just make sure that what you take only has minimal vitamin A palmitate, which is dangerous in pregnancy. Beta Carotene as a source of vitamin A is safe as houses. Maximum daily safe dose from all sources cannot be over 10,000 iu and really 5,000 max is better, just in case.

    And try to get some calcium and D, like in a Tums? just because children’s vitamins never have much and with your intestinal issues, I’m thinking you may not have much dairy.

    Beyond that, take whatever vitamin you can stand. and good luck, hon.

  10. My Reality replied:

    I hope you find something to help. Dry heaves are the worst.

  11. Wendy replied:

    I took Flintstone’s Chewables because the iron was too much in the prentatal. Check with the MD, because if you are getting sick you are throwing up the vitamin anyway!

  12. niobe replied:

    It was the iron in the prenatals that I couldn’t keep down. I got one without iron and things went somewhat better.

  13. Tina replied:

    Like Aurelia said, definitely up your B6 – I am on Fabb Tablets with additional folic acid for my MTHFR issues and the extra B6 in them has changed dramatically the amount of mourning sickness I have had with this PG.

    I also take my prenatals after I eat something…otherwise, I would be puking from them.

    Talk to your doc about the issues you are having – sometimes a brand switch, even to Flintstones, can make a huge difference.

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