Irrational Fears (Reprise) (UPDATED)

Even though I have a DVD of an ultrasound from yesterday showing a “perfect” (per Dr. SBS) 9w4d embryo, I am still worrying.

In order to get these things off of my mind, and in no particular order:

1) Wee-beastie was not moving, as far as I can tell. Others who have posted about their ultrasounds have noted their fetbryos moving all around and waving their little limb buds. WB has limb buds, but was not doing a jig, a polka, or any other fancy dancing.

2) Wee-beastie was measuring ahead of the game by two days up until this week. Now, things correspond perfectly with my LMP but perhaps WB is not growing as well and we lost two days from last week to this week?

3) Watching my doctor measure CRL makes me think he cheated a little so it would be 6w4d. I would let you watch the video, but it does look like he “adds” a little just so the dates match up. Or I am a paranoid lunatic.

I think I am going to ask my OB for another sonogram next Monday. I have to travel out of town next week for business, and this will drive me bat-shit crazy(-ier) if I have to wait until after Christmas for a wanding.

Yes, I still have horrible nausea and no, I didn’t sleep well last night. I think both of those things are contributing to the paranoid lunatic/bat-shit crazy state.

Update: I called my OB’s office and asked to be wanded. The receptionist, Ron (a male receptionist), knows me well due to the previous miscarriages. “Are you having any spotting or bleeding?” he asked. “No … , I am just very anxious about this pregnancy,” I explained. “Well,” he said, “that sounds to me like a perfectly good reason for an ultrasound. We will get you in next Monday, and then afterwards we can schedule your first official prenatal exam.” I love him.

December 11, 2007. Pregnancy #3.


  1. Aurelia replied:

    Oh hon, movement doesn’t really happen until 10 weeks, although rarely you see small twitches and moves at 9 weeks. And movement at 10 weeks is still not a lot and you need to be very still and drink something sweet 15 minutes before the scan. Plus the little buggers sleep a lot, usually 20 minutes at a time. 12 weeks you should see more distinct movements that look like waving or something, but only if it’s cooperative.

    I really wouldn’t worry about the size issue. Lots of stuff can change the size measurements, like angles, and machine types and quality. To be honest I’m totally jealous of your 3D video! It looks amazing!!!

  2. Aurelia replied:

    And take some B6 please. You will feel much less nauseous.

  3. Kona replied:

    Babies sleep. Last year I had an early U/S at 12-ish weeks, and the CNM had to shake my belly vigorously to get the little fella to move (he was just floating there in suspension). Even now, with a fully movable & kicking 34 week old baby in me…she often sleeps and does not move. I know you are worried, and it’s hard to believe everything measures up & that it looks okay. ((Hugs)) Your doc isn’t going to fabricate data for your comfort. It sounds like you are a normal worried momma who needs a massage, TLC, or something to help you relax. Your measurements and U/S were fine! Try & enjoy. 🙂


  4. Meg replied:

    While I also agree with a lot of the above comments and everything sounds like it should…I think you have a great idea to go get another scan just to put your mind at ease. You deserve that.

    Everything sounds wonderful – except the nausea and lack of sleep of course.

  5. Farah replied:

    I have many many irrational fears in my head that i combat hourly! My husband is (comically) reading thiz book and explains to me daily that “these fears are normal and expected”. I kind of chuckle .. and want to hit him at the same time!

  6. aspiring baker replied:

    I didn’t see any movement until 11 weeks. Would not worry about the measurements — they’re not super accurate, which is why they have an accuracy of something like plus or minus 4 days. I HIGHLY doubt your OB would do anything to cheat it.

    Nausea is good! A perfect ultrasound is good! I COMPLETELY, COMPLETELY understand your anxiety (am currently 12 weeks pregnant after 2 miscarriages at 8 weeks), but I think everything sounds great. I wish for both of us that we find ways to relax into our pregnancies and enjoy them! That said, I hope you get another ultrasound next week so you get some sleep.

  7. Kirsten replied:

    Hope this little tidbit helps … I’m sitting here holding a two-month old kiddo who measured an entire week and a half off of her first trimester ultrasound dates. I knew exactly when I ovulated, exactly when she was concieved, and the ultrasound still kept measuring her as smaller than either of those dates. It had me completely freaked out the whole first trimester (OK, the whoe pregnancy), convinced that somehow the progesterone and baby aspirin had kept the pregnancy going but she had stopped growing. Multiple miscarriages will do that to a person. You sound totally normal to me!

  8. babystep replied:

    Well, not being preggo I have no wisdom, however, I would like to say *I heart Ron the receptionist*!

  9. Liz replied:

    Next time, drink a cola right before you go in. That’ll get him moving!

  10. Calliope replied:

    loving Ron!

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