Snowplow Man Still Alive

They plowed our street today about noon, leaving me with plenty of time to get to the OB’s office for my ultrasound.

The enire time I was at her office, I kept reliving the blighted ovum of yore.  Same parking lot; same appointment time; same room; same sonogram machine, same sonographer.  (For miscarriage #2 I only had my sonograms at the hospital so I am sure that anxiety will come later.) 

This time, insead of an empty sac, we had an actual baby.  An actual baby with a heartbeat (176bpm), moving arms, and a squirmy body. 

Old wives’ say lots of puking and/or a high heart rate mean a girl.  It’s too early to tell (and what the hell do old wives know anyway, right?) but I have both of those.  We will name her, if it is a her, after my husband’s bubbe; if it is a boy, we will be kind enough not to name him after a Jewish grandmother.     

I am having my “first” (like this is the first time and M.D. will examine my bajingo) OB appointment on 31st of January, and the nuchal-fold test — that I specifically had to request?? — sometime later that week. 

Holy fuck — and I didn’t even need to kill the snowplow man. 


December 17, 2007. Miscarriage #1, Pregnancy #3.


  1. Meg replied:

    Maybe the little one was squirming to get out and play in the snow….in a few years you may just have to get a pink or blue shovel so they can “help”….so happy for you!!!

    So far, you have been having a stellar few weeks. Except for the vomiting…although each dive for the toilet must kind of, sort of, in a really sick way…feel pretty good and re-assuring.

  2. DD replied:

    I think I would have been tempted to at least launch an icicle or two at the plow guy, just for even giving you a smidgeon of stress.

    Yeah! for the great ultrasound. We were given the info on the NT at our last scan and it sounds like many OBs just don’t offer it yet, still relying on the quad screen.

  3. My Reality replied:

    Yes!! So happy for the good news.

  4. gracehopeandfaith replied:

    Wonderful news!!!!!

  5. Farah replied:

    woohooo this is wonderful news!

  6. Artblog replied:

    Sweet relief! Horrah 🙂


  7. Calliope replied:

    fantastic news. I am sure snowplow man is relieved to have escaped possible carnage!

  8. Ms. Planner replied:

    YAY on the u/sound! My sister correctly guessed I was having a girl b/c I was so sick, too.

    You have to be really specific about asking for which genetic tests or screens you want. Knowing that information and the decisions that might come with them are probably somewhat thorny ethical issues for OBs.

  9. babystep replied:

    Hooray! I hope your trip goes okay, hopefully puking will be at a minimum, and your stress level will be manageable (hopefully your good results at the appt helped with that!)

  10. niobe replied:

    What great news. On all fronts, really.

  11. Wendy replied:

    Whew…relief here too! I am so glad you are puking. Sorry, just had to say it because it will end soon! It seems like a healthy pregnancy so far and the puking is just more evidence of this. Sorry that it’s happening though. I really am.

  12. Liz replied:


  13. Wendy replied:

    OK, I know you are busy and all, but those of us without a life are waiting to hear from you…..

  14. Rachel replied:

    I know it’s the holidays and all, but I was just thinking of you and wanted to make sure things were okay.

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