Tripartate Division

Most of my days can be divided into three groupings:

1) Sleeping

2) Throwing Up

3) Trying Not to Throw Up

The last part can further be subdivided into three groupings:

a) Wondering if just throwing up will make me feel better

b) Complaining about all the throwing up

c) Attempting to get actual work done

Do you want to read about this?  I don’t think anyone does.

It snowed here and they have not plowed our street yet.  Come 3:30 (when I have an ultasound scheduled) they had better have plowed my fucking street or I am going to kill somebody if I can’t get to that appointment.

I am also scheduled to go out of town tomorrow and fly halfway across the country to give a talk on Wednesday that I haven’t written yet.  The fun never ends.

Instead of working on the presentation, I think I am going to lay down and rest from the puke-fest this morning.  This kid had better still be alive this afternoon.   


December 17, 2007. Tags: . Pregnancy #3, Way Too Much Information.


  1. Farah replied:

    Good luck at your Dr’s appointment today!

  2. Katie replied:

    I think “can’t get out of our street” is a good enough reason not to go across the country and give a presentation. If not, then “Sick” is another one.
    Stay in bed – it’s nearly the holidays…

  3. Tina replied:

    Good luck to you at the appointment…and hoping this morning sickness (er, all day sickness!) eases up for you soon.

  4. Calliope replied:

    can’t wait to hear how it all goes today.
    & for the record I think ‘Woman kills snow plow man’ is excellent blog fodder.

  5. Liz replied:

    Sending anti-nausea thoughts.

  6. Meg replied:

    Damn, too bad Cowboy is not a snowplow driver. Good luck today on many fronts – no pukey, presentation prep and of course…..3:30!!!!

  7. K @ ourboxofrain replied:

    I suppose that’s one of the benefits of living on a street that’s halfway up a treacherous hill that leads at the bottom to the interstate — the city is forced to plow us early and often. And when the city fails (or does a poor job), our neighbor has a plow and saves us all.

    Good luck at your appt today!!

  8. babystep replied:

    Good luck, and safe travels.

  9. Ms. Planner replied:

    OMG, you are totally at the I’m-fed-fucking-up-with-the-being-sick-thing-and-now-I-am-super-cranky phase. Oh, I remember that phase. It blew. Hang in there. You are almost to the point where it stops. I think I got to the point that I stopped feeling bad about puking and just let it roll.

    And I can’t even tell you how many times I started sentences with, “This kid…” on the crankiest days.

    Hope your scan goes well. Keep us updated.

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