We had the NT test today and the measurement was 1.2mm, which I think is nice and thin.  The CRL was 70.6mm at 12w6d, so it actually measured 3+ days ahead of schedule.  I had 6 vials of blood taken today, so now we just wait for the results of that testing.   

My OB appointment on Monday went well, too, with all my girly parts looking “normal.”

I would not go as far as to say that I am relaxed about this pregnancy, but I feel myself unclench a little when I realize I will be 13 weeks tomorrow. 

The nausea, while still present, has gotten better.  Most importantly, I have stopped vomiting.   

My family situation still stresses me out, as does all the work I have to do to catch up for being sick for a month, but I will manage.  Wee-beastie is alive and growing (and moving all around actually!) so that makes all of this a little easier to tolerate. 

At my next ultrasound (18-20 weeks), we should be able to tell if wee-beastie is a she-beastie or a he-beastie.  I think knowing the gender will help it all feel a little more real. 


I spoke to soon.  The puking phase has not yet past and as is now my pattern, I have a migraine starting.  Just about the only thing making me feel better is the thought that Jamie Lynn Spears and Jessica Alba are probably still puking, too.  Word of the day? Schadenfreude


January 2, 2008. Pregnancy #3.


  1. niobe replied:

    Sounds like very good news all round.

  2. Wendy replied:

    WAHHOOOO! I am so relived to read this! And I am so glad that your vomiting has stopped. I know that sucked.

  3. My Reality replied:

    Great news!

  4. Farah replied:

    woohoo great news!

  5. Rachel replied:


  6. Evelin replied:

    I just found your blog and was about to post a “keep on trying blah blah it will happen it did for me after x losses blah blah” post but thought better of myself and found a recent post and clearly you are pregnant and pleasantly sick, to boot. So, congratulations !! I’m always so thrilled when women with multiple losses get what they deserve. Your little wee-beastie is beautiful. Evelin

  7. Meg replied:

    I am thrilled each time I hear your little is growing and moving!! Seriously, it gives me a lot of hope and I am so happy for you. 5-7 weeks will go by so quickly!

  8. leanne replied:

    Sorry to hear that the puking phase is not quite behind you yet. But glad your appointments went so well!

  9. babystep replied:

    Hi there, Happy New Year Sweetie. I am sorry the shit hit the fan (still waiting to hear about that) but glad that things are progressing nicely (minus the puking, of course).

  10. Ms. Planner replied:

    Yeah, the puking rears its head from time to time even now. Sigh. So glad to hear that wee-beastie in plugging along and that you are relaxing a bit. I, too, can’t wait to find out if wee-beastie is a he-or she-beastie!

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