Technically it is called hyperemesis gravidarum, but I like to call it pukeapalooza.  Its not that I was vomiting excessively (once or twice a day), it is just that between pukes, I was so nauseated I could not get out of bed or eat/drink.   

Whatever you call it, it aint’ fun.  I have thrown up more during this pregnancy than I have in all my life before.   

I started throwing up everything on Tuesday, even with the Zofran, and could not even keep down liquids.  All the tricks I had been using so far — B6, Unisom, acupuncture bands, saltines, etc… — were not doing a thing.  My urine was also so dark yellow that it looked almost brown, so the on-call midwife sent us to the ER.

4 Zofran doses, 2 potassium bags, 2 Ringers (fluid + dextrose), and one saline bag later, I still felt awful, so they decided to admit me as I was still nauseous and had another migraine starting.  I celebrated by throwing up the minute I got to my new room. 

After 5 more Ringers, mega-doses of morphine, and a new anti-emetic, I felt like a new woman.  All of a sudden I woke up at 3AM on Friday morning absolutely starving.  I was, for the first time in 7+ weeks, not nauseous and really, really hungry.  The nurse brought me a veritable feast (jello, turkey sandwich, gingerale, vanilla wafers) and I dined like a queen. 

My OB is not sure of the hyperemesis was causing the migraines or if the migraines were causing the hyperemesis, but they sent me home with strong painkillers for my head, a new antiemetic, and home IV therapy for a week.  (Yes, Mr. MC and I now know how to start and change an IV all by ourselves!)  They give me my multi-vitamin and B6 right through the IV to ensure that even if I am not eating much,  wee-beastie and I are getting important nutrients.

The good news is that I have not thrown up since I was admitted to my hospital room.  I was 14 weeks on Thursday, so perhaps this was just the last hoorah?  I still get queasy, but I imagine this is what a “normal” pregnancy feels like.  For now, all I want to do is eat cereal (Coco Krispies!) and sleep. 

I also got to see wee-beastie again when they ordered an ultrasound of my gallbladder.  My OB kindly ordered an OB ultrasound as well, just to allow me to see that the pregnancy was fine.  Wee-beastie was moving all around, kicking its legs and moving its arms, completely oblivous to all the drama going on outside. 

Classes start on Monday so I get to go to campus with a heparin-lock (the part of the IV that goes into you) on my left hand.                


January 12, 2008. Pregnancy #3.


  1. Ms. Planner replied:

    Oh you poor dear. That sounds horrible but I am glad you are feeling better after the treatment. I hope it goes away for you soon. For me, the nausea lasted until 17 weeks and now it is gone completely – knock on wood – except for when I get very tired. I can actually eat again! It is a beatiful thing. Thinking of you.

  2. My Reality replied:

    I hope pukeapalooza is over and done with. I hope they have found a cocktail that helps you out and you start to feel better. I can only imagine how sick you were and how much better you had started to feel if you thought hospital food was a treat. I hope you don’t end up in that spot again.

  3. Farah replied:

    I hope that yo have found the exit to pukeapalooza! I really hope this ends soon. I hope seeing wee-beastie helped calm your nerves and your mind! Good luck with school on monday

  4. babystep replied:

    WOW, you poor thing. I think that one girl on the original board had the same thing, I am so sorry you have to go through it too! I am glad they were able to help you at the ER and I hope it wasn’t just a “band-aid” solution. Yay for turkey sandwiches and jello!!!

  5. Mr. MC replied:

    Babystep, the ER just got her through the first night… and admitted her to the hospital so that her OB practice could treat her there for three days to get her pain and nausea under control before letting her go home with a hep lock in place and planned service for home visits by an RN to check on the IV site every few days.

    They couldn’t do a “band-aid” solution. To extend the metaphor: the cut was WAY too big for a band-aid.

  6. Sam replied:

    Wow. I believe this is the most vomity-preggo story I have ever heard. I am so glad that you are feeling better!

  7. Meg replied:

    Sounds like your little one had quite a field trip! Hope you are resting and feeling better!

  8. Rachel replied:

    Ugh. Hope it’s getting better. I only know how to start and change subcutaneous Ringer’s on a cat. 🙂

  9. Wendy replied:

    I am so sorry this has been so hard on you. I know another lady (I think I told you) that had the same thing. You are in my thoughts.

  10. Liz replied:

    Oh, I am so sorry that you’ve been so poorly. I’m glad that it seems under control and am hoping that it stays better!

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